Yu Yu Hakusho: Why Hiei's Dragon of the Darkness flame Is His Signature technique In Yu Yu Hakusho, Hiei"s Dragon that the Darkness Flame attack is one impressive but dangerous relocate that needs to be watched to be believed.

The people of Yu Yu Hakusho is full of strange and also dangerous things. Transparent the series, viewers are introduced to plenty of magical attacks, from little aura blasts to an effective techniques the decimate entirety areas. However, one relocate stands out among the rest, and this attack is Hiei"s Dragon the the Darkness fire technique.

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This method is well known in-universe together several various masters are stated to have actually tried and failed come summon and also wield that properly. Choose a piece of folklore, those utilizing the Dragon the the Darkness fire harness the strength of the Darkness Flame the dwells deep in the Demon World. However, while it is unknown just how Hiei learned the the an approach or just how to attempt it, the powerful attack became an i can not forget one.

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together the name suggests, this attack involves a large dragon. Hiei exposes his eight by remove the magical fabric he keeps his eight wrapped in to do this powerful maneuver. He then concentrates his demonic energy and opens his Jagan Eye together he siphons power up native the Demon World and also forms it into a dark, fiery dragon. Together this happens, strange weather impacts may occur approximately Hiei as the sky turns blood red, through black lightning and also flickering pillars of irradiate erupting from the ground. Once this strike is completely charged, a long black dragon made out of black color flames forms approximately Hiei"s arm.

Once this stage is reached, the assault is ready to launch. Hiei expand his eight out, and the dragon shoots forward, charging in the direction Hiei points. As the dragon moves forwards, it utterly destroys anything it come into call with because it is made out of demonic flames -- definition that it consumes anything it touches, sending out them right to oblivion. However, the dragon does have actually a psychic of that is own, and once that is released, it deserve to not be conveniently controlled. If the dragon does turn around and hit Hiei, he deserve to absorb the energy from the dragon and also use the to an increase his various other powers for a quick time. Thus, giving this powerful attack a an additional utility function. However, after taking in the dragon, Hiei does have to hibernate for a while, forcing the to use it strategically.

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However, this assault does have actually some drawbacks. The thin amount of power involved can cause the attack to backfire, hurting or even killing the user during the summoning process. For example, Hiei"s first attempt to use the Dragon that the Darkness fire backfired terribly. The intense warm of the flames seriously burned Hiei"s forearm. If it wasn"t for Ruka"s forcefield partly healing him, Hiei"s arm can have been left permanently unusable, if not entirely destroyed. Thankfully for the heroes, Hiei was able to use his Jagan to heal his arm. Still, Hiei chose that he would certainly go and learn exactly how to manage this power to use it there is no harming himself.

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once this training to be complete, Hiei was able to regulate the dragon much easier. Hiei go this by compressing and also sealing the dragon in a dragon-shaped tattoo on his arm, making the energy much easier to handle. In fact, when Hiei provides the technique after gaining the tattoo, the weather appears to be unaffected by it, arguing that that is a side result of Hiei"s lax regulate of the dragon. However, training does not reduce the dragon"s power, and also this method still completely destroys anything the dares get close to it without knowing a counterattack.

One that the many impressive uses of the Dragon the the Darkness fire came during Hiei"s fight through Team Rokuyukai member Zeru. Together this is the an initial time Hiei summons the dragon, its disastrous power is clear to see. When Zeru it s okay hit by the attack, that is soon destroyed, leaving only a black color silhouette wherein he when stood. One more fascinating fight is Hiei"s battle against Mukuro. Mukuro is among only a few people who can stop the dragon -- damaging it without getting hurt -- making that clear that those who are mightier 보다 Hiei might counter the rampaging beast.

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The Dragon the the Darkness Flame is just one of the most fascinating techniques in Yu Yu Hakusho, and it renders Hiei -- currently a fan-favorite character -- one even much more memorable combatant. And also the very first use the the move provided us a legendary moment that has transcended time and also cemented chin as among the most epic moments in anime history.