Adolph Robert Thornton Jr, who turned pen with fatality into raps the survival, was eliminated while buying cookie in his hometown


Young Dolph, a star of indie rap and a cousin the the late artist Juice Wrld, was shot and also killed Wednesday in his hometown the Memphis, multiple regulation enforcement sources confirmed to Fox13 Memphis. He was 36 years old.

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The rapper, whose actual name to be Adolph Robert Thornton Jr, to be buying cookies at Makeda’s Butter cookie at about 1pm Wednesday as soon as a gunman journey up and shot v the window.

“The catastrophic shooting fatality of rap artist Young Dolph serves as one more reminder that the pain that violent crime brings v it,” Memphis market Jim Strickland tweeted. “My thoughts and also prayers room with his family and friends.”

Young Dolph, the rapper dodging death: "I’ve to be targeted since I to be 17"
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Dolph, who has actually 4.4m followers on Instagram, released his debut studio album King that Memphis in 2016. The album peaked at number 49 top top the Billboard 200 chart. Young Dolph complied with up with his album wealthy Slave, special the solitary RNB v Megan Thee Stallion, in august 2020.

Born in Chicago and also raised through his grandmother in Memphis, Young Dolph, together the earliest brother of his siblings, learned at an early stage to be self-sufficient. His parents were addicted come crack, and also his options for make money in a ar racked through violence and also poverty were limited to “hustling”.

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“We to be in the fourth, fifth and also sixth grades, see this life hell,” the told the Guardian in 2018. “I’ve just always wanted the money. I told my grandma a long time ago that ns was walking to take my mom and also dad out the hood. I was a little boy saying that shit. I ain’t never really had no dad, just the street’s ways, and also I’m giving video game that your dad was claimed to be offering them, on this tapes and also lyrics. My whole thing is around giving these folks the real.”

Dolph started freestyling with his friends together a teenager, and also began releasing mixtapes in 2008. “It can be in ~ a spot, it can be in the trap, it deserve to be in the automobile driving – we just fucking around,” the told the Guardian. He constructed a reputation as a confident rapper hungry because that success; as he rapped top top In mine System, off the 2017 mixtape affluent Crack Baby, “I clocked in as soon as I to be 12 and also never clocked out”.

“I’d rather motivate someone all day long,” he claimed in 2018. “To me, that is timeless music.”

He likewise used close brushes with fatality as fuel for his music. In 2017, a beef with other Memphis rapper Yo Gotti devolved right into a spray the bullets in ~ Dolph’s SUV in Charlotte, phibìc Carolina, prior to a club experience; Dolph turn the alleged incident into promotion for his album Bulletproof, special the song 100 Shots. (Charlotte police told the Guardian that they counted “no an ext than 50” bullets ~ above the scene, and did not develop if Dolph was associated to the incident.)

Tributes have actually poured in native the music industry. Opportunity the Rapper tweeted:

God bless Dolph