“Stay (I missed You)” to be Lisa Loeb’s first and breakthrough single. The song got to the peak of the Billboard warm 100 graph in 1994, making her the very first unsigned artist to… check out More 
You say I only hear what I want toYou say I speak so all the time. So?And I assumed what ns felt was simpleAnd I thought that i don't belongAnd now that ns am leavingNow I recognize that ns did other wrong reason I let go youYeah, i missed youAnd you speak I just hear what I desire to:I don't hear hardI don't pay attention to the distance that you're runningOr to anyone, anywhereI don't recognize if you really careI'm only hearing negative: no, no, no (bad)And for this reason I, i turned the radio on, i turned the radio upAnd this mrs was singin' mine song:The lover's in love and also the other's run awayThe lover is crying cause the various other won't staySome the us hover when we weep because that the other who wasDying since the job they were bornWell. Well, this is not that:I think that I'm throwing, but I'm thrown
And I thought I'd live forever, but now I'm not so sureYou shot to tell me that I'm cleverBut that won't take it my anyhow, or everywhere with youYou said that i was naiveAnd I thought that i was strongI thought, "hey, I have the right to leave, I can leave."Oh, however now I know that i was wrong, cause I to let go youYeah, ns missed youYou stated you recorded me ‘cause you want meAnd someday you’d allow me goYou try to give away a keeper, but keep me cause you understand you're just so scared to loseAnd girlfriend say, "Stay."And you speak I just hear what I desire to
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“Stay (I to let go You)” to be Lisa Loeb’s first and breakthrough single. The song got to the height of the Billboard warm 100 chart in 1994, making her the first unsigned artist to reach #1 .

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According come The Billboard book Of Number One Hits, the track was created after an argument with her boyfriend. In ~ the time, a friend of Loeb told her Daryl hall was searching for songs because that a solo project. Despite her possibility to submit a song fell through, she perfect the song with hall in mind.

Later when Loeb’s girlfriend Ethan Hawke to be filming Reality Bites, he told she the music supervisors were looking for a song titled “I’m Nothing” and also he motivated her to write one. The supervisors determined a different “I’m Nothing” yet asked Loeb for an ext music. In ~ Hawke’s suggestion, she it is registered “Stay” and RCA documents soon left Loeb a voicemail asking to include it ~ above the soundtrack come Reality Bites.

Instead of sending one or two songs come radio stations to promote the soundtrack, RCA sent the whole collection that songs. In ~ first, radio stations favor KRBE in Houston and also WPRT in new Jersey added “Stay”. Then, as much more stations likewise began adding it, RCA officially exit it as a solitary and Hawke command its music video.

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Still without an official record deal as soon as the song topped the warm 100, number of labels (including RCA) started courting Loeb to sign with them. She chose Geffen Records and also released Tails the complying with year, which contained “Stay” as its closeup of the door track.