newly I got Dell Inspiron laptop. Every time i plug in mine headphones it prompts me through this dialog Which machine did girlfriend plug in?


Is over there a method to disable this prompt? ns never acquire such notice on various other laptops.

Other Info

OS: windows 10.Sound driver: Realtek Audio < >MaxAudioPro

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To Enable or Disable In home windows 10 top top a DELL

Open the regime WAVES MaxxAudio ProChoose the device, eg. Playbackclick progressed in the bottom facility of the windowToggle the "Show pop-up dialog when an equipment is connected" checkbox



Try this:

Press windows + R, kind control panel and then hit Enter, select Hardware and Sound.Scroll down and also select Realtek HD Audio Manager.Click the folder icon just over and come the best of wherein it claims analog earlier panel and also just below machine Advanced settings.Uncheck allow auto popup dialog when device has to be plugged in.Click yes sir twice.Now, restart the computer and check the issue.

This functioned for me v realtek audio console -- Disabling Realtek audio notice on home windows 10

Go to settings > system > Notifications and actions and also under Get notifications from these senders, scroll down and also turn turn off Realtek HD Audio Console


go to job manager & start-up tab, found WavesMAXX Audio settings, and also opened it"s properties, to discover its full path C:WindowsSystem32DriverStoreFileRepositorywavesapo.inf_amd_whatever is next.. Opened executable thereMaxx AudioPro and also tune-up the settings to pop-up the home window on JACK insert.

Open task manager: right-click ~ above the windows taskbar > task Manager.Go to the Start-up tabDisable the complying with (right-click > Disable):HD Audio elevator ProcessRealtek HD Audio ManagerWaves MaxxAudio business ApplicationRestart her computerThis eliminated the prompt for me, and also I"ve had no trouble v audio therefore far.

Not certain what else these do yet you can always allow individually if friend wish.

(N.B. In larger versions the Windows, this start-up options may be in Win+R > msconfig.)

I to be receiving a prompt with the exact same text, but a various appearance.I fixed it by browsing the start menu for "Realtek Audio Console", climate clicking "Device advanced settings" -> "Enable Jack detection when an equipment is plugged in" -> Off

If you have an Alienware use Alienware audio progressed then jack information that is actually just how I enabled mine functions to disable too.

They have actually removed that inspect box "show popup ..." indigenous the note in the latest version.You cannot uninstall as well.But I checked out "services", disabled tide Audio Service and also rebooted. No an ext annoying pop-up as soon as I plug in the headphones. Thank you every for her responses.

This is the hopeless feature that anybody can implement - what an horrible organization usecase? who needs this functionality????

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Why go plugging headphone jack in stop internal speakers to functioning (even after ~ headphones space unplugged)?

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