Pop Lyrics described decodes the inanity that is pop music. Our debut installment covers Jessie J"s "Bang Bang," a song which, by law, have to be performed on every music awards reflects with a 12 month duration of it"s release.

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Ariana Grande & Nicki Minaj are also signing/talking here, due to the fact that when it comes to pop songs the perform of contributors now has to rival the of a scholarly research study paper.

She obtained a body choose an hourglass, yet I can give it to you every the time

She, anyone she might be, has actually a nice number by 1960s standards, yet Jessie J is easy and also willing to have actually sex through him whenever that wants.

She gained a booty like a Cadillac, yet I have the right to send you into overdrive (oh)

Let"s i think she means, she has a huge booty and also not a booty generally driven by old men, but she may not be very good in bed and also despite her absence of a huge ass J. Desires everyone to understand she knows what she"s doing in the bedroom..

(You"ve been waiting for that, stop, organize up, swing your bat)See anybody can be poor to you,You need a an excellent girl to blow her mind, yeah

Bat way penis, so usually Ms.

J is providing to be the proverbial ball field while the previously mentioned she may not it is in as an excellent in bed due to the fact that she has so plenty of suitors she walk not need to work for it as hard as the presumably much less attractive J.

Bang bang into the room (I recognize you desire it)

Bang bang equates to sex, so basically she"s going come sex him into the room.

Bang bang anywhere you (I"ll let you have actually it)

Bang Bang is still sex, so everything she"s law is walking to get messy for every little thing fellow is involved.

Wait a minute permit me take it you there (ah)Wait a minute "til ya (ah)

She may be good, yet he"s not as she only expects things to critical a minute.

Bang bang there goes your heart (I understand you want it)

And, in the uninspiring minute, he may additionally have a heart attack

Back, earlier seat of my automobile (I"ll let you have it)

If that does no die native the an initial time around, J is letting him now that they have the right to have more sex in the earlier seat of her car

Wait a minute allow me take it you over there (ah)Wait a minute "til ya (ah)

Even the 2nd time won"t take really long, i m sorry is really an indictment on him.

She mighta let you hold her hand in school, but I"mma display you how to graduate

Grande is additionally easy and she beginning being straightforward while still in school. She additionally went to a college where "I"mmma" is a word.

No, ns don"t should hear you talk the talk, simply come and also show me what your mamma offered (oh, yeah)

She"s not interested in anything various other than his penis, which, if it"s the same gentleman we"ve currently established does not work very well

(You"ve acquired a very large shhhh, mouth but don"t speak a thing)

He reportedly has an ext than a huge mouth.

See anybody could be great to you,You need a bad girl come blow her mind

(You understand what, girls?Let me present you exactly how to do.)It"s Myx MoscatoIt"s frizz in a bottleIt"s Nicki complete throttleIt"s oh, ohSwimming in the grottoWe winning in the lottoWe dipping in the pot that blue foam, soKitten so goodIt"s dripping ~ above woodGet a ride in the engine the couldGo, Batman robbin" itBang, bang, cockin" itQueen Nicki dominant, prominentIt"s me, Jessie, and also AriIf they check me they sorryRide united state up prefer a HarleyThen pull turn off in this FerrariIf that hanging us bangingPhone ranging, that slangingIt ain"t karaoke night yet get the mic "cause I"m singing (uh)

Minaj deserve to rhyme -- in a Dr. Seuss sense -- and also she to know the other civilization on the song, however she go not recognize much about what they space signing about

B come the A come the N come the G come the uh (baby)B to the A to the N come the G come the hey

Both "uh" and "hey" typical sex.

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See anybody might be great to you,You require a negative girl to blow your mind (your mind)

The entire rest that the song of simply the chorus repeated in assorted configurations arguing what the eager, women will perform to/with this likely an extremely tired young man.



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