Visit and also enter Yoplait 100 methods codes for a opportunity to success $100,000 throughout this Yoplait Contest. No matter if you favor Yoplait initial Strawberry, Yoplait Greek Whip, or Yoplait Light, you’ll uncover Yoplait 100 methods codes on top of lids for your possibility to win. Save your fridge stocked v delicious Yoplait yogurts for an ext chances come win.

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Did you recognize there are hundred ways to Yoplait? Yoplait has actually over 100 flavors and they are an overwhelming you to shot them all! as a one-of-a-kind reward to sign up with in the fun, Yoplait is giving away thousands of everyday prizes. In addition, one lucky cool prize winner will become $100,000 richer.

Yoplait 100 ways To victory Tutorial

It’s easy to enter the Sweepstakes component of the 100s of methods to Yoplait Promotion. Check out our 100s Of means To Yoplait tutorial below for step-by-step instructions in bespeak to assist you participate.

Step 1: attain Yoplait 100 means Codes

Look for a 5-digit alphanumeric product code which can be found on top of lid of your favorite Yoplait. Because that Multi-Packs, the password is directly on the box. Specially-marked Yoplait assets will be available for distribution during the Promotion duration beginning top top July 7, 2016 and ending on may 15, 2017.


Alternatively, you might request a cost-free code using any kind of of the two adhering to methods:

Now through might 1, 2017, mail a 3″ x 5″ piece of record containing your full name, mailing deal with and phone numbers to: 100s of methods to Yoplait, c/o HelloWorld, P.O crate 5046, Department: 825562, Kalamazoo, MI 49003-5046.Commencing on may 2, 2017, send an e-mail to 100sofWaystoYoplait through “100s of methods to Yoplait – code Request” in the subject line.

As a result, you will receive an email from 100sofWaystoYoplait within 48 hrs of receipt of her request v a complimentary code.

Step 2: Visit for A chance To win $100,000

Once you obtained Yoplait Codes, visit the promo Website in ~ come register. Monitor the instructions to affix with on facebook or complete and submit the registration kind as directed.


Step 3: enter Your Purchase

Upon registering, you space invited to get in your purchase. Simply enter your Lid password in the “Product Code” fields. Then, choose a yogurt flavor native the drop-down menu. Finally, submit together indicated.


Step 4: watch Your Progress and also Share The Fun

Each time you enter a code, uncover your ranking status.


Also, you may share the fun through friends top top Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest!


Step 5: keep Earning Entries

Don’t have numerous entries earned towards the $100,000 cool Prize? adding a new flavor come your collection is the best way to earn much more entries! just enter much more codes from featured Yoplait flavors. For that, repeat step 3 and receive one an ext entry. You may submit up to 5 password entries per day because that Sweepstakes entries. Additionally, you can earn enter up come 5 password entries per flavor for immediate Win plays during Promotion Period.

Each code entry will an outcome in one game play because that the instant Win Game. So dip that spoon into your cup of Yoplait yogurt and discover if you are a lucky winner!

Still not enough? Upload a Yoplait take self in the Gallery and also you will immediately earn one Sweepstakes entry. Furthermore, you deserve to take the Yoplait Poll once per month for second entry right into the Sweepstakes. Moreover, finish the “How perform YOU Yoplait?” Quiz for one bonus sweepstakes entry.

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The 100s of ways to Yoplait promo 2016 will run from the July 7, 2016 until may 15, 2017. And you, how do you Yoplait?

What You need to Know prior to You join In

Yoplait 100 ways To Win dispute is open just to legal residents of the 50 U.S. (including D.C.) who are at the very least 18 years old at the time of entry.Runs indigenous July 7, 2016 at 12:00 a.m. ET through may 15, 2017 in ~ 11:59 p.m. ET.Each entrant is allowed to go into up to 5 Yoplait sheathe Codes per day during the promotion Period.There is a maximum of 1 Sweepstakes winner.There is a full of 3,652 immediate Win game winners.Total approximate retail value of all prizes is $178,260.General Mills is sponsoring this promotion while HelloWorld is administrating it.

Now that you understand everything around the 100s of means to Yoplait Promotion, you are all set to sign up with in the funny at An excellent luck!