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From Nintendo"s YouTube channel. Uploaded Sept. 14, 2017."Anyone the owns the YO-KAI watch 2: Bony spirits or YO-KAI watch 2: Fleshy Souls gamings can download a free “Oni Evolution” software application from Nintendo eShop. That adds the Yo-kai watch Psychic Blasters mode with additional bosses to battle against, the chance to befriend new Yo-kai, consisting of gleaming Yo-kai, and much more fun features. This update also enables players the capability to transfer conserve data from the YO-KAI clock 2: Bony Spirits and also YO-KAI clock 2: Fleshy Souls gamings to YO-KAI clock 2: Psychic Specters, i beg your pardon launches ~ above Sept. 29."

Wait, so does that means it renders my Psychic specter preorder pointkess, or are there still stuff exclusive come PS?
You like the series ""Yuru Camp/Laid-Back Camp""?Go examine my newly produced discord server!:

Skull_pro posted...Wait, so does that means it renders my Psychic specter preorder pointkess, or are there still stuff exclusive to PS?I would imagine the there would still be exclusives because that Psychic Specters.This link explains several of the new features in an ext detail:"As explained before, Yo-kai watch 2: Psychic Specters offers extr quests, that permits you to discover the keys of part characters, make new encounters, and also more. Here"s a couple of examples:-The mystery origin the Darknyan-Revelations from Dame Dedtime"s past-Work v the diva Directator to develop a blockbuster Yo-kai movie!-Revelations indigenous Whisper"s pastThere"s likewise a brand-new location called Gera Gera Resort, the you deserve to reach by riding the Hex Express. Yo-kai clock 2: Psychic Specters additionally features a brand new Blaster Mode, called Psychic Blasters. It attributes brand brand-new bosses, however other than that, it seems to work-related the same method as the "regular" Blaster setting from Yo-kai watch 2: Bony spirits / Fleshy Souls. Some of the bosses have the right to only be discovered in Psychic Specters, yet you can connect with the other two execution to confront them through friends who have actually Bony spirits or Fleshy Souls. However, you have to download the Oni development Update first. And just choose Bony Spirits and also Fleshy Souls, Yo-kai clock 2: Psychic Specters likewise has some exclusive Yo-kaiIf you already own one of the initial versions that Yo-kai watch 2, you can transfer your conserve data come Yo-kai watch 2: Psychic Specters. Law so permits you come play from where you left off, so you can directly skip to the new stuff.Here"s every little thing you deserve to transfer:-Story progress data-Yo-kai data-Bony soul or Fleshy Souls to exclude, quests-Random multiplayer battles"

Yep, right currently you can only acquire 3 new yokai and also a new blasters mode. As soon as PS releases you can get the oni, gemanyans, and also your grandfather"s spirit. (Depends on her in-game gender)Linking FS+PS+BS=Orcanos, Dianyan, Emenyan, Saphinyan, and Moximous N or K, escape if you"re Nate or KatieLinking FS+PS= Ogrulus, TopinyanLinking BS+PS=Gargaros, RubinyanJibanyan S is in Bony Spirits, Komason S in Fleshy Souls, and Komajiro S in Physic Specters.Snottle is in all versions.

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Oh, this ain"t goodbye. Ns will watch you again. That"s exactly how it goes whene"er yer mine friend.
Yo-Kai clock 2 update?
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