Yo! As most of you more than likely know, the last boss the Yokai watch 2 is Dame Demona. And also just prefer in the 1st game you deserve to re-fight the final boss for experience, but here the isn"t as straightforward as before.

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Here"s a walkthrough of exactly how to refight her!

Step I

Travel to mountain Fantastico and befriend Flushback, if you can"t find him, he"s over below in the mountain Fantastico concealed workshop

Tip:Giving the Soba noodles, haveing a superstar soul, and having a Yo-kai with the popularity skill assist the befriending process.



Step II

Warp end to tropical Hunter and also buy the

Mem-o-Vac because that 1300 JP


Then, warp over to Shoten temple and also fuse Flushback and the Mem-o-Vac to gain Vacuumory


Step III

Travel come old Springdale, and also just external the train station there must be a Baffle plank for Vacuumory


Summon the there and also talk come him, he"ll ask you if you want to mental a fight just exterior the train station A.K.A. The fight v Dame Demona

Click "Try come remember if you desire to fight her again" and BOOM, you"re fighting Dame Demona

Note:I understand the thumbnail has actually Dame Dedtime and not Dame Demona, however I did it for Spoiler reasons.


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Oh wow neat.

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