Partnership Positions leading E-Retailer for ongoing Success widening Business into new Categories and also Delivering Quality assets at same Prices

November 18, 2016 08:00 ET | Source: Monoprice, Inc. Monoprice, Inc. Rancho Cucamonga, California, UNITED claims

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., Nov. 18, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Monoprice, a leading virtual retailer giving high-quality and also affordably priced consumer electronics and also tech accessories, and also YFC-BonEagle electric Co., Ltd. (YFC), a Taiwan-based top provider of power cord sets and also networking peripherals, announced this day that YFC has got Monoprice in a cash transaction valued in ~ $40 million.

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Founded in 2002, Monoprice is an industry innovator disrupting the consumer modern technology industry by offering high-quality electronics, cables and also components the eliminate cost markups in ~ the it is provided chain. An progressed communication products supplier, YFC’s staminas lie in manufacturing in Asia as well as the wholesaling the cables and wires. The mutually advantageous merger will certainly fuel Monoprice’s development as it continues to evolve product pipelines in ~ existing categories, broaden into brand-new ones, and also strengthen that is sourcing capabilities in China to productivity the ideal prices. Monoprice will help guide YFC into opportunistic areas where it deserve to increase its asian factory footprint and launch commodities in new categories.

“Our overarching score is to create a sales and manufacturing dual-force dynamic for the group’s next generation the growth,” said note Yeh, chairman at YFC. “This acquisition is intended to gain access to customer electronics users and make our solid product offering even stronger. We manufacture high-quality, high-standard cables and wires together an OEM supplier, and also we’ve to be marketing branded products as wholesalers for rather some time. Monoprice’s field of expertise in e-commerce and its broad customer basic will finish our salesforce and customer portfolio. Us have operated with Monoprice for plenty of years and see significant growth potential and strategic synergy effect by comes together.”

Monoprice has actually over a te of e-commerce endure in the consumer electronics industry, supplying a large and differentiated combination of branded products via a multi-channel platform. The website,, has actually a robust resource of revenue, representing much more than 67 percent of complete sales. It also partners through third-party marketplaces, such together Amazon and Wal-Mart, to acquire brand recognition and further open revenue opportunities. Monoprice’s solid customer relationships administer a base because that sustainable growth by YFC and also Monoprice.

Monoprice has produced a disruptive business model in consumer electronics retailing. That has developed a strong competitive place by offering consumers lower prices due to the fact that of its near relationships with top-tier manufacturers. YFC, well-respected in China for its manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, will provide Monoprice v an even much better sourcing procedure and economies of scale. The integration of supply chains throughout all product offerings will allow Monoprice to sell consumers v attractive pricing and will accelerate brand-new product introductions through easier access to advance opportunities.

“The mix of our 2 businesses is great news not just for our stakeholders, but additionally our customers and employees,” stated Bernard Luthi, CEO at Monoprice. “Joining forces with YFC totally supports our business objectives and speeds up both companies’ roadmaps for ongoing growth. YFC’s strong manufacturing power and overnight access to the well-connected asian supply chain provides us a distinct competitive benefit and differentiation in product procurement and pricing. We intend to reinforce B2B and also international sales operations, and also we look front to proceeding to deliver better and broader choices of commodities at an ext affordable price to ours customers.” 

Post-transaction plans are to retain and empower the existing Monoprice management team with no work or business restructuring required. Young name Luthi will stay Monoprice’s CEO following the transaction, overseeing his management team to execute the that company strategies and also vision, and steer agency growth.  

Blucora and also Monoprice were advised by Financo in the U.S. And YFC was advised through KPMG this firm Finance out of Taipei.

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About YFC-BonEagle electrical Co., Ltd.:Founded in 1983, YFC-BonEagle electrical Co., Ltd has been involved in developing, manufacturing, and selling power cord sets, LAN cables, spot cords, and also related networking accessories worldwide. The company’s assets are produced in three infrastructure in Taoyuan Taiwan, Dongguan China and also Wuxi China. YFC’s offices are in the USA, China and Europe together with the global distribution networks to provide direct and timely support to that is customers roughly the world. For an ext information:  

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