Over the previous two weeks, I included lots of new features come the game! most importantly, NPCs will now to react to evil murder! Currently, they will certainly run away and also call the cops, i beg your pardon can result in a game Over if girlfriend don’t dispose the the evidence prior to the cops arrive.

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Murder Reaction Progress

After one NPC observes girlfriend committing murder or standing alongside a corpse while bloody / equipped / insane, they will attempt to flee the school and also call the police. (This is the “Coward” reaction, and also will not be the only type of reaction to murder.)If the police are called, a timer and also a checklist will show up at the bottom-left edge of the HUD. The timer screens how lengthy until the police arrive, and the checklist informs the player the what they have to do to avoid arrest.After the institution incinerator has actually been activated, a tiny clock appears that screens how much much more time is remaining prior to it can be offered again.It is now possible to clean up flood blood and bloody footprints using a mop. The mop gets more bloody with each use.The mop deserve to be cleaned in a tub of water. The bathtub of water deserve to be choose up, lugged around, and placed anywhere.When changing from a bloody uniform into a clean uniform, a bloody uniform is dropped top top the ground.Bloody weapons and bloody uniforms deserve to now be disposed of through tossing them into the school incinerator.After the police arrive at the school, the results of the police examination are displayed as text.It is possible for Yandere-chan to be arrested through police and get a game Over.

Other Progress

Added a katana come the video game to check non-concealable weaponry. (The katana attack computer animation is a placeholder.)It is now feasible to customize Yandere-chan’s hair texture, challenge texture, and also arm texture.A drumbeat track now plays at any time the player is chasing down a fleeing student.It is now possible to placed an eyepatch end either eye, not simply a single eye.After the school day ends, the game advances to the next weekday.Dead NPCs now at some point run out of blood and stop bleeding.Yandere-chan can now have 7 various hairstyles.NPCs can also have 7 various hairstyles.NPCs deserve to now have different bust sizes.New easter egg!

Bug-Fixing Progress

Fixed a pest that would certainly duplicate weapons in Yandere-chan’s inventory as soon as she was close to Senpai.Fixed a an insect that would happen when attempting to drag a corpse while currently dragging a corpse.Fixed a pest that would take place when carrying a weapon and a corpse at the same time.Fixed a pest that would reason ragdolled NPCs to slide backwards once offscreen.Fixed a bug that would reason Yandere Vision to end up being permanently activated.Attempted to enhance the top quality of the “maniacal laughter” animation.Due come the exploration of a graphical pest that occurs once the game is played at element ratios various other than 16:9, I had actually to remove the capacity to beat the video game at any kind of resolution that does not have actually a 16:9 facet ratio. I’m really sorry! I’ll shot to solve the bug and gain back support because that all element ratios in a future update.

March 1st Bug Fixes

It is no longer feasible to chat through a student if you space carrying an object (causes too countless bugs, doesn’t serve a gameplay function yet).It is no longer feasible to chat v a student if the student just watched you killing somebody.It is no longer possible to chat with a college student if you are at this time standing on top of a corpse.You have the right to now usage the B crucial to lower the music volume and the N crucial to boost the music volume.The “chase” drums currently only beat if you space chasing who who has actually seen friend committing murder.If friend quit the game and also load it increase again, you will return to the beginning of the week.Fixed the pest that would protect against Yandere-chan’s CustomFace.png texture from appearing.It is no longer feasible to knock end a bucket that water by swinging a corpse right into it.You deserve to now death an NPC by tapping the attack button rather than holding the down.The “Police investigation Results” display screen now walk by twice as fast.Previously, once an NPC died, your breasts would return to the “default” size. Now, one NPC’s breasts room the same size in both life and death.

March 2nd Bug Fixes

Fixed a an insect that would cause the “police examination results” display screen to not display any results.Fixed a bug that would protect against the incinerator indigenous acknowledging corpses within of it.Fixed a bug that would avoid the player from attacking NPCs if standing close to a corpse.Added crouching / crawling and also began come implement a camera (these attributes are at this time incomplete).

March third Bug Fixes

It is no longer possible to accidentally create the incinerator while performing the mopping animation.It is no longer feasible for blood to spawn exterior of the school, where it can’t it is in mopped up.


The video at the top of this blog write-up tells you practically everything you should know about NPCs reaction to murder and how to acquire away through your crimes, so I extremely recommend the town hall it.

An NPC’s reaction come murder depends on their personality. The currently-planned personality varieties are:

Coward (Flees the school, calls the cops.)Teacher’s pet (Runs to nearest teacher, speak teacher around the murder.)Social Butterfly (Runs to nearest group of students, calls the cops.)Fragile (Becomes terrified the you, begs you to spare their life in exchange for your silence.)Evil (Congratulates you on your kill, guarantees not come say a word around it come anyone.)

If one NPC call the cops, a timer and a checklist will appear at the bottom-left edge of the screen. The timer shows you how much time you have until the cops arrive, and the checklist speak you what to carry out in order to avoid obtaining arrested; dispose that the corpse, dispose of the murder weapon, dispose that your very own blood-stained clothing, and mop up every the pools the blood you’ve left behind.


After the police come at school, the player deserve to no longer manage the game’s protagonist. Yandere-chan could not defeat the police in a fight, and also could no hide from the police forever. The police would additionally instruct every students to continue to be in their classrooms when the investigation was taking place. So, controlling the character would be meaningless in ~ this point. As soon as the police arrive, the display goes dark, and the player is shown the results of the police investigation.

When there is proof that a murder took place and also evidence the you walk it, the police will arrest you. The police will likewise arrest girlfriend if over there is proof of a murder and also Yandere-chan’s Sanity is below 66% (which causes her come alarm and also frighten the people approximately her, and causes the police to take the killing accusation more seriously perform and also a much more thorough investigation).

In the current construct of the game, there are distinct results for all of the following circumstances:


There will be exponentially much more results included with each brand-new feature included to the game (for example, framing a college student by planting the murder weapon on lock would create different results than the ones above).


Last week, I included a new feature – the capability to adjust the shade of Yandere-chan’s clothing and legs. Currently I’m adding the capability for you come customize she hair, face, and arms, in addition to she clothing.


Like before, you deserve to modify her textures through placing files in the “StreamingAssets” folder. Over there is a paper in that folder called “How To include Custom Textures.txt” that should describe what come do, in order to check out your tradition textures display up in-game.

I also added several new hairstyles to the game that can be accessed by hitting the “H” vital on her keyboard. There are additionally some other new accessories that have been added to the game, but they are easter eggs, and you’ll have actually to number out exactly how to unlock castle on her own…


When the clock strikes 6:00 PM, the college closes, and all students quiet lilngering in ~ school need to leave and also go home. As soon as the schoolday ends, the player will watch a “Calendar” of sorts, and also watch the weekday roll over come the next day of the week.


The protagonist is claimed to get rid of her competitor by 6:00 afternoon on Friday. If she doesn’t, climate the rival will confess her love to Senpai, and also Yandere-chan will lose Senpai forever.

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In the existing “sandbox check build” that the game, the rival does not officially exist, so it is currently impossible to prevent a video game over.