Sworn to defend a civilization that hates and also fears them, the X-MEN struggle for peace in a civilization at war with itself. And now, many thanks to X-MEN: THE RAVAGES that APOCALYPSE, your pc is wherein that battle is gift fought.

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X-MEN: THE RAVAGES the APOCALYPSE is the an initial commercial complete conversion to function a high profile property! So friend must currently own QUAKE to operate X-MEN: THE RAVAGES of APOCALYPSE. A complete CONVERSION method New Characters... New Locations... New Sequences... And new Weapons! A totally brand-new Game!

X-MEN: THE RAVAGES that APOCALYPSE is already swallowing human being whole, turning them into X-MEN & QUAKE zombies, who only live come fight the continuous struggle versus Apocalypse.

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X-MEN: Ravages that Apocalypse TCSep 22 2005Full variation 5 comment

This is the full release that the X-MEN TC because that Quake. It likewise contains the v1.11 patch and setup program.

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I pat this mode in Quakespasm and, just how soundtrack in this video game works? i didn"t installed it, ns play faster way for the game.



Someone have the "Music" because my CD is damaged i can"t extract the tracks from the 5 to seven , dont occupational my cd .

I need it in "ogg" format , for use through "darkplaces" engine plase


I discovered on this site -> Quaddicted.com

i to be linux user , i need use "wget" (a download manager) , because directly indigenous web browser dont download because that me , but with the download mananger i have the right to download , and also now i have complete music

i use darkplaces engine you deserve to put music in ogg like


Quake1//sound/cdtracks : because that example


and the tracks must be called "track0##.ogg" (track001.ogg)

u deserve to play this mode with other engines fairly darkplaces in linux? and also with darkplaces u beat this mod, just how must setup the files and what room not need?

authentic Models because that QuakeSep 10 2021TBD an initial Person Shooter

Faithful model replacement fill for Quake (intended for contemporary sourceports, e.g. Quakespasm or note V)

Quake HD PackAug 25 2016Released 2011 first Person Shooter

Quake HD load supports Quake, MP1: "Scourge of Armagon" and MP2: "Dissolution that Eternity". It includes compilation of functions by quakeone community and...

Chaos ArchonSep 22 2020Released 2012 an initial Person Shooter

Archon ---> Quake. Girlfriend heard right, facets of the 80"s micro video game archon extrapolated into the Quake universe. Obtain ready because that a wild ride. (free...

Q2M - Quake 2 tools for QuakeSep 28 2021Released Sep 28, 2021 an initial Person Shooter

Quake 2 Marines to add the totality Quake 2 arsenal come Quake 1 through a select menu come pick various marines and weapon loadouts. Full resource code included...

quake + mission fill 1 and 2 customizableJul 8 2021Released Jul 9, 2021 first Person Shooter

you can easily edit weapons, ammo, armors, monsters making use of a txt editor the game comes currently with soundtrack, darkplaces engine, texture and also model mods...

Quake Combat+Oct 22 2021TBD first Person Shooter

Coming soon: Quake Combat+, a refinement the Quake, SMC v5.3, and Quake 1.5 aiming to administer the can be fried Quake combat experience without straying too...

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