Hello one and also all! Welcome back to Monday Night Raw below on wrestling News World! ns hope everyone is enjoy it the website redesign, I recognize I'm loving it! because that the cool youngsters in the crowd i hope everyone is enjoy it Pokemon GO! for those who haven't heard Brock Lesnar winner his fight at UFC 200 through unanimous decision. Big congrats to Brock on that. So now our next big stop is the WWE Draft!

Question the the Week: exactly how do you think Brock win his UFC complement affects his booking in WWE? would it have been various if he lost?

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WWE life Results

raw is kicking off v the Intercontinental Championship #1 Contender battle Royal

Miz cuts a hoe promo before the match starts off to remind anyone he's awesome.

It's chaos to begin with brawling everywhere! Aiden English is the an initial to acquire eliminated. Connor that the Ascension gets thrown out next. Darren Young is in reality wrestling in this match and Bob Backlund is at ringside to support them. Curtis Axel gets got rid of by a team effort from The Dudley Boyz. The Usos try and get rid of the Dudleys. R-Truth is eliminated and Victor is removed by Baron Corbin! Jey Usos tries come throw out Jimmy Uso, yet Jimmy hangs on. It's tho nothing however love together Jey laughed it off. Us head come break.

us return indigenous break and also Simon Gotch and Jey Uso were removed while we were away. Corbin and Ziggler room going at it. Goldust is thrown out by Alberto Del Rio. Bo Dallas is thrown out by Apollo Crews. Corbin pushes Jimmy Uso off the top rope and then Swagger is thrown out. Bubba ray gets twin teamed by Darren Young and also Baron Cobin and also then eliminated. Corbin then hits Young v the Deep Six. Del Rio takes out Corbin and Crews. Ziggler hits the fameasser top top Del Rio. Ziggler litter ADR end the rope however he hangs on. Del Rio strikes the arm of Ziggler. Del Rio jumps at Ziggler and also misses, going through the second rope. Ziggler kicks him off the side, thinking he to be eliminated. Corbin litter Ziggler face an initial onto the turnbuckle. Del Rio ago in hits a Pero absent on Crews.

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Del Rio charges in ~ Crews and also gets flipped over the ropes and eliminated! Ziggler clotheslines Corbin and both walk over the top rope yet land ~ above the apron! Ziggler gets back in the ring yet Corbin is tho on the outside. Ziggler gets grabbed and thrown over the ropes by Corbin! Crews is right on Corbin however as he assaulted they both threw each other over the height rope! That way we have a winner!