I dont even know what this quest is. Is this component of the xera chain? I obtained annoyed with the buggy remind scenario and dropped the quest.

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Meh, that was expected to be a long, dragged the end quest. Plenty of time. Though, possibly yeah, the reward because that the length isn"t fitting.
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Knowing that you gotta spent 8 weeks at the very least has actually been very off-putting in mine case. After I quit raiding I only do a couple dungeons a week and also the quest items aren"t also a guarantee drop iirc. Ns really preferred the previous components of the questline, together I think lock fit because that their objective - various ways to tell the continuous story the Illidan as sort of a side point alongside the remainder of the contents in game.This search broke completely with the pattern of the vault ones, and also quite honestly stopped me from completing it since the initiative required vs. What you obtain isn"t precious the time and also commitment that takes
Aside indigenous lore the will enable you come upgrade your Legrndaries come a greater ilvl this patch. Ns realise the RP players have various goals native the rest of us but for the football player who room interested in gearing you shot and do a +10 every week because that an 880, 1 +10 is 10 souls so that wasn"t a demanding pursuit to acquire done.
Aside native lore the will permit you to upgrade her Legrndaries to a greater ilvl this patch. I realise that RP football player have different goals from the remainder of us however for the football player who space interested in gearing you shot and perform a +10 every week for an 880, 1 +10 is 10 souls so it wasn"t a demanding pursuit to gain done.
This was additionally debunked by a blueposter a couple days ago, the Illidan questline is not related to the legendary upgrades whatsoever. Https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/...page=4#post-67
Aside indigenous lore that will enable you to upgrade her Legrndaries come a higher ilvl this patch. Ns realise that RP football player have different goals indigenous the rest of us yet for the players who space interested in gearing you try and carry out a +10 every week for an 880, 1 +10 is 10 souls so that wasn"t a demanding quest to get done.
Blizzard said freshly that the Illidan questline doesn"t have actually anything to do with the legendary ilvl upgrade item. Still, though, it to be a very easy search to do considering how long we"ve had to complete it.
This has actually been evidenced as an not correct rumour: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/...page=4#post-67OT: The reward for this quest chain is terrible. 870 equipment really!? I believe it to be worse and got buffed too. A chain this long and gated should have rewarded something much better!
It"s the exact same with the other lengthy questline that rewards the artifact skin. Ns forgot the name however it starts with that blue dragon and also ended favor 2 months earlier in Suramar making united state wait til 7.1.5 come continue. One more really lengthy one that only provided us AP. Ns don"t watch AP together a reward at all!Blizz sure know how to traction shit the end these days...and it appears they are proceeding with the very same shitty reward framework as WoD. Well not 40 reskinned boar and also wolf mounts, however next to naff all.
I dont also know what this quest is. Is this part of the xera chain? I acquired annoyed with the buggy remind scenario and also dropped the quest.
this quest chain is the one including illidan and also his redemption storyline, once you have completed the xera objectives in your class hall, you will certainly be sent to watch khadgar that says around illidari allies learning more, then sends you turn off to azsuna to the key illidari camp there whereby you speak come a named NPC who has actually a demon trapped in stasis, component of this monitor up pursuit chain requires retrieving 80 shattered spirit fragments, with a weekly lid of 10 per week, when you have acquired these girlfriend then have to go into ToV and also defeat helya, after i m sorry you deserve to recover the spirit of illidan stormrage, i beg your pardon is used in the nighthold raid ~ you loss gul"dan (hence why that stole illidan"s human body from the vault that the wardens prior to legion launch etc).
So ns am in among the enlarge RP guilds on mine server and also only a handful in reality completed this quest or even attempted it because of the man requirements. Currently obviously human being that on regular basis did Mythics + will have actually unlocked this what with just requiring 8-12 dungeons but those the don"t execute Mythics had 80 heroics to do <10 every week> (which nobody find fun). Now I might understand it if the search was aimed because that Mythic players but frankly the quest only rewards 870 gear and has a rather necessary lore aspect concerning the expansion.
ridiculous requirements? are you nuts? you have actually todo a few dungeons and also thats it, if u do greater m+ you get 10 in one run
Crabs have actually been gotten rid of from the game... Due to the fact that if i see another one I’m just going to totally lose it. *sobbing* ns sorry, I simply can’t appropriate now... I just... Yes just provide me a minute, I’ll be OK..
Honestly, I actually forgot I also had it and also only remembered as soon as it popped up complete.I don"t farm Mythic+ or something (I have only also done maybe 50 or 60 that them complete this x-pac) so yeah, it"s obviously not that "rediculous" of a requirement if girlfriend can finish it without also thinking around it.

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Point is ns did sufficient Mythic+ the I most likely earned that plenty of Souls. Prefer someone already said, one high vital nets 10 in 1 run.