I view a most youtubers aiming as low as possible at the ship. Walk this do more damage than hitting the big towers?


It's complicated, however with AP, frequently you want to aim because that the main part that the ship near the waterline. That's wherein there armor belt is, that's the plating the protects the ship's citadel, usually an armored box that protects the ship's an important components. Access time that permeate the citadel do enormous damage.

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Whether it's a good idea to try to citadel them relies on a couple of factors, the an initial of which is the penetration that your weapons versus the thickness of your armor belt. In a battleship, you deserve to pretty much penetrate any ship's armor belt. In a cruiser, that depends, lighter cruiser guns in the 152mm selection will usually struggle to pass through battleships, while larger cruiser guns, frequently 203 mm can pretty reliably permeate battleship armor in ~ close to tool range. Cruiser firearms are virtually always going to be capable of penetrating other cruisers' armor belts until you acquire to fairly long range. Destroyer firearms have fairly weak penetration through AP, and also can really only citadel easy armored cruisers. Some are better at this 보다 others though, the united state cruisers have quite solid AP penetration because that example. For balance factors destroyers don't have actually citadels, so you must just focus on landing as countless hits together possible. If you're in a instance where you can't permeate their armor (shatter symbol if girlfriend have thorough ribbons turned on), shot aiming in ~ the upper half of their hull. You can't score a citadel struggle by shooting this part of the hull, however it's likewise much more lightly armored. Friend should typically avoid shoot the prior or ago of a ship through AP, as really often the shells will certainly fly the end the various other side of the ship prior to detonating, bring about an overpenetration which does minimal damage.

The other factor with AP is angle. The much more angled a target is come you (i.e. The further they room from perpendicular to her fire), the more complicated it is come score AP penetrations. There's two reasons for this, the very first is the shell bounce mechanic. If a target is angled by at least 45° come you there's a opportunity of a covering bouncing, this chance increases up come 100% at 60°. That means that shooting at a ship's hull once the ship is angled by more than 60° will never ever do damage! an additional factor is the even before 45°, the ship's edge will boost the efficient thickness that its armor, as more of your shell's kinetic power is supplied to take trip sideways with its armor and also less is offered to travel inward.

Against angled targets you can still do damage with AP though. By shooting your superstructure you can score overpenetrations or occasionally lucky common penetration damage. Furthermore, there's a mechanic called overmatch, whereby if a shell's caliber is at least 14.3 time the thickness of the armor it's penetrating, it fully ignored the armor, consisting of the chance to bounce. This enables battleship guns to overlook the bounce chance against basically all components of destroyers, parts of cruisers always including the bow and also stern armor and also sometimes the deck armor, and sometimes also battleship bow and also stern armor relying on the gun gift used and also the target (although as a general dominion not). Therefore mechanic, battleships have little reason to shoot HE against anything various other than angled battleships, and they should usually keep AP loaded.

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HE is a whole different ballgame. That ignores bounce chance and also angling, which means it's often an ext useful versus angled targets. It also has much easier penetration mechanics, merely put, an HE shell will do damage if it access time armor much less than 1/6 that its caliber in thickness. This way shooting the thick armor belt is a poor idea. Superstructure constantly qualifies for this, therefore shooting their superstructure through HE is constantly a means to perform damage. Through cruisers you can also shoot HE at the bow or stern of various other cruisers to execute damage, as well as the bow or stern that battleships depending upon the cruisers guns and the battleship in question. Irradiate cruisers with ~152 mm firearms generally can't while heavy cruisers through ~203 mm firearms generally can. Irradiate cruisers deserve to pick up the Inertial Fuse for High Explosive Shells commander skill in order to allow them to pass through these surfaces, though.