Error as soon as doing integrity check, can not reinstall and cannot accessibility ANY wargaming related game website

So ns am in a an extremely weird situation. I've been able come play people of Warships together of recent, recent being last night. But ever because the new update, mine launcher looks like this. I've constantly ignored it reasoning maybe simply something in the launcher broke. But as time went on, images in the armory wouldn't load correctly and also every picture was usually missing. I thought "okay, perhaps it's time to do an integrity check." yet now that ns pressed the integrity check button, the customer tells me this an important error which says

Critical Error

The data derived from the update company is incorrect.

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The application cannot continue.

For details, check out log file.

So i say okay and also check the log file, which doesn't call me anything at all why the doesn't update. This is what it reflects in the log file

Now I'm reasoning okay, time to uninstall and reinstall the game. Now when i go to the WoWs website, i am met through this page

Pressing any of the languages buttons doesn't walk anywhere and also stays at that white screen with those options. Pushing the "" and also "BigWorldTech" goes come those corresponding sites which fill fine. However, as soon as I shot to go to the people of Tanks site, a similar thing wake up on that site too. And also the same thing happens once I visit the human being of Warplanes website as well. I can't even accessibility anything in

Now ns am reasoning it is time come google this and hope other on the wargaming court pops up. There are some hits however even the forum is fully messed up because that me too

The just thing that has actually loaded fine for me is the Recruiting Station. Ns am able to login right into my account indigenous there however going to any type of other web page leads back to the white screen.

The white web pages appear for every browser I've make the efforts (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox).

Do keep in mind that I have NEVER used any kind of mods nor had any type of installed mods once I had the game installed and playable.

Here's what I have actually tried so far:

Do record integrity check (I acquire a an important error make the efforts to do this)

Uninstall the video game (can't reinstall because I cannot accessibility the WoWs website for part reason)

Look digital for aid (forums is completely messed up because that me and also doesn't fill properly)

Restarted my computer system multiple times, to update graphics drivers, restarted modem and also router, do the washing up DNS and renewed IP address, reset router to default settings,

Checked my firewall settings and also antivirus (nothing shows up)

Turn off all my adblockers (uBlock beginning is my adblocker)

So right now currently, I perform NOT have the customer installed anymore since I uninstalled and want to reinstall. I have no idea what to carry out as no other submitted short articles have had this problem, and I can't look at any type of forum write-ups since those don't pack for me either.

Guess I'm SOL indigenous this video game now.

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Edit: Forgot to point out this yet I have actually submitted a assistance ticket yet who knows just how long this will take to obtain responded to.