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"Wings that a Dove" is a country song composed by Bob Ferguson in 1958. "Wings the a Dove" was most renowned when that was tape-recorded by Ferlin Husky in 1960. The Ferlin Husky recording checked out number one ~ above the country charts because that 10 nonconsecutive weeks. It to be Ferlin Husky"s 3rd and final number one ~ above the nation chart, spending ripe months top top the chart. "Wings the a Dove" prospered on the popular music charts, as well, peaking at number 12 ~ above the hot 100. In 1987, transfer Music integrated awarded Ferguson with the "million air" plays because that the "Wings that a Dove". The tune alludes to numerous passages from the Christian Bible about doves sent out by the Lord, consisting of a verse about God sending Noah a dove throughout the overwhelming in Genesis 8:6-12. Dolly Parton"s and Porter Wagoner"s cover versions include a verse no in the original, introduce to an additional passage around a dove in Matthew 3:16 wherein "After his baptism, as Jesus come up the end of the water, the heavens to be opened and also he saw the spirit of God descending choose a dove and settling top top him."more »

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On the wing of a snow white dove he sends his pure sweet loveA authorize from over on the wing of a dove(When problem surround us when evils come the body grows weak the soul grows numbWhen these things beset united state he doesn"t forget usHe sends out down his love top top the wing of a dove)On the wing of a snow white dove...When Noah had actually drifted ~ above the flood numerous days he tried to find land in various waysTroubles he had some yet wasn"t forgotten he sent him his love on the wings of a doveOn the wings of a eye white dove...(When Jesus went under to the waters that day that was i was baptized in the normal wayWhen it to be done God blessed his child he sent out him his love on the wing of a dove)On the wings of a snow white dove...

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Porter Wagoner Porter Wayne Wagoner (August 12, 1927 – October 28, 2007) to be a popular American country music singer well-known for his flashy Nudie and Manuel suits and also blond pompadour. In 1967, he presented a then little known Dolly Parton ~ above his long-running tv show, and also they to be a famous duet transparent the so late 1960s and early 1970s. Well-known as Mr. Grand Ole Opry, Wagoner charted 81 singles from 1954–1983. That was elected to the country Music hall of Fame. An ext »