Ford is to expand the length of pre-launch marketing task for future models after ~ hailing the success of task to encourage the B-Max family members car.

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Ford come lengthen pre-launch activity

The automobile launched last week after six to ripe months of promotion – the longest duration of activity Ford has ever before rolled the end ahead the the introduction of a brand-new model.

A additional pan-European advertising project highlighting that is unique broad opening door framework that combine hinge and also slide doors to open as large as 1.5metres, is as result of launch later on this month.

Pre-orders for Ford B-Max have currently reached 1,000 dare – the indistinguishable of £20m in sales – greater than the car device would generally see.

Anthony Ireson, Ford UK marketing director, called Marketing Week that a longer period of pre-launch activity is likely to it is in replicated for future version launches, an especially for dare that space in new segments that the market.

Car manufacturers have actually traditionally choose for much more intense “episodic” pre-launch marketing traditionally checked out in the automotive market.

The transition is driven by consumer interest in brand-new product breakthrough from automobile brands, and also the accessibility of information between regions that didn’t supplied to exist. Ford, and also other auto marques, used to border information around models based upon when and where castle were due to launch. Currently it makes more sense to adopt the exchange of information rather than hide behind it and also let the “rumour mill spin,” that says.

Ireson says: “Previously marketing was slightly condescending to customers by no talking about brand-new models until 2 weeks before launch. The was often regarded as negative, yet now we take the prior footed approach and also because world want come talk about it we may as well take on that.”

He adds that the an obstacle for Ford’s marketers is the it is more complicated to control a number of brand-new model launches in ~ the same time, fairly than focussing top top one launch project at a time.

Meanwhile, the automotive brand is additionally looking to emphasis its campaign task using fewer networks that accomplish its organization objectives an ext effectively fairly than making use of every accessible channel every time.

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He cites a partnership through The Telegraph and worldwide Radio as component of the B-Max campaign offering readers and also listeners access to exclusive events over the summer as an instance of how Ford is focussing that is efforts.

Ireson says: “Sometimes you can spread yourself too thin and also not make an impact. We’ve acquired to focus down and also stop getting distracted has got to work-related for what you desire it to. had a an excellent impact there is no a social Twitter or on facebook elements, yet other projects might be on facebook only.”