Medically reviewed by Daniel Bubnis, M.S., NASM-CPT, NASE Level II-CSS, Fitness — created by Emily Cronkleton — to update on April 4, 2018

A flat butt can be resulted in by a variety of lifestyle factors, including sedentary tasks or tasks that need you to sit for prolonged periods. As you age, your butt may flatten and also lose shape because of lower amounts of fat in the buttocks.

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You might wish to both obtain in form and include shape to your derriere, not only to boost your appearance, but also to boost your all at once well-being. In fact, strong gluteal muscles can aid you develop far better posture, boost mobility, and also avoid injury.

You may even enhance her athletic performance.

Dormant butt syndrome is a problem that occurs once your gluteal muscles room too weak and also your hip flexors room too tight. This method they aren’t working as successfully as lock should.

Often this wake up from sitting for too long, resting in the fetal position, and repetitive activities. Lack of exercise can likewise contribute to dormant butt syndrome.

This put excess pressure and also strain on various other parts of your body. It can cause pain in your back, hips, and knees, especially when friend exercise. This problem may lead to hamstring and also knee injuries.

There are numerous exercises the you have the right to do to obtain a more rounded, perky butt. Be regular with your workouts in bespeak to see results. Feel complimentary to modify this exercises and also do any kind of variations the suit her individual needs.

Start slowly and gradually build up the intensity and duration of her workouts in stimulate to avoid injury. Here are part exercises to obtain you started.

1. Squats

To carry out this:Stand with your feet hip street apart through your toes contempt turned the end to the side.Bend your knees to drop her hips back as despite you’re sitting right into a chair.Lift back up to standing and engage her glute muscle at the optimal position.Continue this motion for one minute.Then host the squat position and also pulse up and down for 20 seconds.After this, hold the squat place for 20 seconds.Repeat this sequence as much as 3 times.Tips:Gaze straight ahead.Keep your chest lifted and also your spine straight.Press your knees the end to the side when you lower down.Keep your feet level on the floor and also press right into your heels.Increase the difficulty by holding weights.gluteal muscleshipsquadricepshamstringsMuscles worked:

2. Lunge presses

To do this:Come into a high lunge position with your best leg forward and also your left leg back.Keep your ago heel lifted throughout the exercise.Slowly straighten your best leg to come approximately standing.Engage her muscles at the top.Use your glute muscle to lower earlier down into the lunge position.Continue this movement for one minute.Then stay in the lunge position and also pulse up and also down for 15 seconds.Repeat on opposing side.Tips:Keep her chest lifted.Press right into the hoe of your front foot.Make sure your former knee doesn’t expand past your ankle.Focus on her front leg throughout the exercise.Don’t let your back knee touch the floor in the lunge position.Use dumbbells to boost the intensity.abdominalsgluteal musclesquadricepshamstringsMuscles worked:

3. Fire hydrant lifts

To execute this:Come right into a table position.Keep your body stable and also still as you elevator your right leg at a 90-degree angle away from the body.Keep her knee bent during the movement.Slowly reduced it earlier down to the beginning position, keeping your knee from poignant the floor.Do 1 to 3 sets of 10 come 18 repetitions on every side.Tips:Press evenly into your hands and also knees.Allow your body to be still so the it’s an isolated movement.Keep your torso straight and also your hips level.Keep a slight bend in her elbows.To boost the difficulty, extend your leg the end straight as soon as it’s lifted.abdominalsgluteal musclesback muscleshamstringsMuscles worked:

4. Leg lifts

To do this:Come into a table or plank position.Extend your best leg straight back and allude your toes.Lower your leg under so it nearly touches the floor and then lift it up.Continue this activity for one minute.Then carry out the various other side.Tips:Balance your weight evenly between your hands and grounded foot.Keep the remainder of her body still together you relocate your leg.Add fish eye weights to increase the difficulty.Engage her glutes together you lift her leg.abdominalsgluteal musclesquadricepsback musclesMuscles worked:

5. Bridge presses

To do this:Lie down on your back with her knees bent and your arms alongside her body, palms dealing with down.Slowly lift your hips up and also engage your glutes at the top.Then lift ~ above the tips of your toes.Bring her heels back down to the floor.Carefully reduced your hips back down.Continue this movement for one minute.Then organize your hips in ~ the top and also bring her knees together and also apart.Do this for 15 seconds.Come ago to center and release back down.Tips:Keep your neck aligned through your spine.Keep her feet level on the floor to make it easier.Move her body up and down gently and also with control.abdominalsgluteal muscleshamstringserector spinaeMuscles worked:

6. Single-leg deadlifts

To perform this:Hold a dumbbell in each hand and also stand top top your ideal leg.Slowly bending at the hip and lift your left leg behind you.Lower the weights until your torso is parallel come the floor.Use your sustaining leg to return to standing.Squeeze your glutes and tuck her hips under as you come up.Continue this motion for one minute.Then do it on opposing side.Tips:Keep her chest lifted and your shoulders back.Keep her standing leg contempt bent.Do this exercise through no weights to do it easier.Keep her lifted foot bent the entirety time to make it easier.gluteal musclesadductor magnushipshamstringsMuscles worked:

7. Reclining next leg exercises

To execute this:Lie ~ above your right side through both hands on the floor because that support and also both foot extended and stacked on top of every other.Slowly lift her left foot up together high as it will go, pausing in ~ the top.With control, reduced it ago down.Just before it touch the bottom leg, raise it again.Continue this activity for one minute.Then, through your foot lifted, do variations such as tiny circles in both directions, pulses up and also down, and pulses forward and also backward.Do every variation because that 30 seconds.Then save your left leg lifted slightly and also bend your knee to lug it in toward your chest and extend it earlier out again.Do this because that 30 seconds.

10. Repeat the succession on the opposite side.

Tips:Keep her hips stack so you’re no bringing her weight forward or backward.Engage your glute muscles during the exercise.Keep your chest lifted and open.Point her toes.abdominalship musclesgluteal musclesthighsMuscles worked:

There are an ext reasons to add shape to your butt 보다 aesthetic ones. It’s crucial to keep a healthy physique that can improve your variety of motion, flexibility, and strength.

Try including uphill walking, stair climbing, or sprinting to her workout program to further specify your butt and build her cardio workout.

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Training her muscles bring away time. Aim for innovation instead of drastic or unrealistic results. Be consistent and also patient and also remember to include a healthy and balanced diet as component of your plan.


Medically the evaluation by Daniel Bubnis, M.S., NASM-CPT, NASE Level II-CSS, Fitness — composed by Emily Cronkleton — update on April 4, 2018