Settle in due to the fact that we’ve gained a the majority of Survivor comes our means tonight v a dual episode night with the Millennials Vs Gen-X castaways battling it out to avoid becoming the next of two to it is in voted off. Obtain ready to uncover out that it was!




Purple team is way, method behind Orange that made that on come the puzzle much faster, yet as that is with most puzzle comps, the puzzle is the good equalizer. Sure enough, Purple provides a vast comeback to win the pizza indigenous a floating pizzeria. Sounds favor fun.

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At the pizza watercraft (note: the watercraft is not made the pizza), the team receives letter from home and it’s emotionally for the group. That’s a an extremely nice rise for these 5 castaways.

Immunity Challenge:Castaways room again obviously play for separation, personal, instance immunity this evening on Survivor and also just choose last week it’s walk to be a difficulty centered ~ above balance and also keeping you yourself poised to success that large ol’ safety and security necklace.

Players have to keep a statue well balanced using a long pole to assistance it. At set intervals the castaways move farther away from the statue and hold the pole farther earlier making it hard.



Hannah drops she statue and also is the very first out. Ken soon follows. There goes Sunday climate Chris and Will drop as well. Jay is out and Bret follows. That leaves Jessica, Adam, Zeke, and David to struggle with the ants that room crawling anywhere the playing field.

Adam climate Jessica drop their statues leaving united state with just Zeke and David. Now that’s a surprising final two in the challenge! Both a struggling but it’s Zeke that drops.

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David wins Immunity!

Tribal Council:Once we get through the an initial pair of difficulties we’ll be turn off to grab your torch and also see who leaves an initial tonight. Who is walk home an initial tonight, yet it won’t be David! will certainly Zeke be able to pit the Gen-X’s against one an additional like that hopes?

Jeff expose the votes: Chris, Jessica, Chris, Jessica, Chris, Jessica, Chris, Jessica, Chris, and also Chris. That’s sufficient votes.