An ice-skating sumo wrestler with some distinctive moves is the star that the latest addition to Geico"s "It"s no Surprising" project from The boy name Agency.

The new ad catches a big, shirtless bruiser drifting across a frozen rink in his traditional diaper-like garb -- getting here his an ext lithe opponents with together tricks together the Corkscrew Spin, the flying Dutchman and finally, the baby Bird. The judges and also the audience look at upon him through quiet awe, expressing your amazement in muted tones and claps, add by quiet clicks that cameras.

The V.O. Reads, "A sumo wrester figure skating? Surprising. What"s not surprising? how much money you could save by switching to GEICO."

After a year complete of chaos in the political and also social arenas, it"s a comedic whiff of new air the we can be grateful for this vacation season.

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DateNov 22, 2016Brand :GeicoClient :GeicoAgency :The young name Agency

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