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On 2007 Orbit Gum launched a commercial titled "Dirty Mouth test 37", declaring their new Orbit Raspberry Mint. The video clip went viral. The script contained a bunch of euphemisms that linked with the funny situation of the commercial resulted in a nation-wide sensation, not just on the internet but on pop culture as well.


The commercial provided a range of words and phases labeled "Dirty language"

Wife: "You child of a biscuit-eating bulldog."Husband: What the French toastWife: Did you think i wouldn"t find out around your small doo doo head, cootie queen?Mistress: Who are you phone call a cootie queen? girlfriend lint-licker!Wife: Pickle girlfriend kumquat!Husband: You"re overreacting.Wife: No, Bill, overreacting was once I placed your convertible into a wood chipper, Stinky McStinkface!Mistress: girlfriend Hoboken!

These made up slurs took over mainstream media; the quotes were seen anywhere the net.

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Orbit Gum Girl


The Commercial"s spokesmodel, real name Vanessa Branch, likewise gained a many popularity as result of her solid British Accent, and line "Dirty Mouth? Clean that up with …!




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