$ceLiOH$ $ceCH3Li$ $ceLiNH2$ $ceLiF$

According to me the answer need to be $ceLiF$ together it has actually max variety of lone pairs however the answer claims its 2). I am confused.

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In bespeak of diminish basicity they are ranked $ceLiCH3$ > $ceLiNH2$ > $ceLiOH$ > $ceLiF$. Us are managing the ion $ceF-$, $ceOH-$, $ceNH2-$ and $ceCH3-$ and also so the aspect which influences their basicity is the stability of the ion contrasted to the conjugate acid.

The security of the ions is established by the power of the lone pairs. Carbon has the least efficient nuclear fee ($Z_ exteff$) and so the lone pair top top the $ceCH3-$ ion has the highest energy, making it the the very least stable ion and so the the strongest base. The $Z_ exteff$ increases as us move across the duration until we obtain to fluorine which has actually the best $Z_ exteff$ and so the lone pairs have the lowest energy, making $ceF-$ the least basic ion.



Look at the conjugate mountain of every of the anions (the base). If the conjugate mountain is a solid acid (low pKa), then the anion is a weak base. If the conjugate mountain is a weak mountain (high pKa), climate the anion is a strong base.

Let"s list the anion or base, the conjugate acid and also the pKa

eginarray hline extBase & extConjugate Acid& mathrm pK_mathrm a \ hlineceOH- & ceH2O & 15.7\ hlineceCH3- & ceCH4 & 48 \ hlineceNH2- & ceNH3 & 38 \ hlineceF- & ceHF & 3 \ hlineendarray

The conjugate acid through the highest possible pKa is methane ($ceCH4$) it is the weakest mountain of the group. As such the $ceCH3-$ in $ceMeLi$ is the strongest base in the group.


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