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Answer: Garo Yepremian Garabed Sarkis "Garo" Yepremian to be a national Football league soccer format placekicker because that four various teams native 1966 to 1981. In 1966, when kicking for the Detroit Lions, Garo was the last player come play without a facemask. He determined to include one ~ he to be leveled by eco-friendly Bay Packer middle linebacker beam Nitschke. Ouch!
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Answer: Los Angeles Rams In 1948, Fred Gehrke, among the Rams" halfbacks, hand-painted yellow lamb horns on all the team"s helmets. Gehrke to be no amateur artist, because he to be an industrial designer in the offseason. His trend setup art recorded on fast, and also by 1962 all yet one NFL team sported arts on the side of your helmet.
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Answer: Los Angeles Rams
Fred Gehrke is attributed with using the very first logo to a helmet when he painted rams horns top top his helmet in 1948. The horns were yellow top top a blue shell, and also the Rams" helmets have actually remained pretty lot the same ever since, apart from a short span in the 1960s once the horns to be white.
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Answer: 3 The new York Jets, The Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Oakland Raiders all had actually their team name created on the helmet. However, only new York had just their surname while the various other two also have photographic designs.
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6 i beg your pardon team helmet has actually two eco-friendly stripes running throughout the optimal of the helmet, from front come back?

Answer: The vertically strip yellow and also copper socks. Bob Howsam, a effective minor league baseball owner, was awarded an AFL charter franchise on august 14, 1959. Severely restricted financially, Howsam clothed his debut Broncos in discarded used uniforms native the defunct Copper key in Tucson, Ariz. Making the uniforms specifically unusual were the vertically-striped socks that completed the Broncos" dress. If you"ve ever seen them, they"re sort of comical.
Answer: Cleveland Browns Although castle did ar the player"s uniform number on your helmets in the so late 1950s and also 1960s, the Browns still have no identify marks on your helmets.
Answer: Brown The Broncos an initial uniforms were brown, and also their very first set the helmets were additionally this color, through the logo being the player"s number in white. This helmets just lasted a pair of seasons, and also since then the Broncos have had various colors and also designs the helmets. In 2008, castle wore marine blue helmets v a horse head logo in orange and white.
10 While few had the entirety name, numerous helmets had actually the team"s initial or initials as their symbol. Execute you know just how many?

Answer: 8 The Kansas City Chiefs, green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, brand-new York Giants, san Francisco 49ers, and Tennessee Titans, all had initials. In addition, there"s a tiny "M" top top the helmet worn through the Miami Dolphin"s dolphin, and, within the bird"s head, the Baltimore Ravens have actually a "B".The Packers were the NFLs first example of that company sponsorship. Your uniforms and equipment were purchased because that them by the Indian Packaging Company, hence, your name.
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13 when the Browns tried placing a logo design on their helmet in the 1960s, i m sorry Cleveland player refuse to undertake a helmet with "Brownie the Elf" decals ~ above it, stating "I"ll undertake that as soon as you readjust the surname to the Cleveland Fairies"

Answer: candid Ryan
Ryan to be quarterback that the Browns from 1962 to 1968. Great passer, the led the Browns come their most recent NFL championship in 1964.

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Answer: Philadelphia Eagles For much of your history, the Eagles have actually sported a collection of eagle"s wings on their helmets.