1. Money can reason you come forget God.

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Physical neediness can reason you to cry out to God for help, and also as you cry out for help, you pertained to realize the you require it not only physically but likewise spiritually. A minister of a church in an extremely affluent community told me that due to the fact that his human being are able to buy their way into or the end of just around anything, the is hard for them come think the themselves as needy. The claimed self-reliance of wealth can tempt us to believe in the larger delusion of our autonomy—that we have a best to live life together we want—and of our self-sufficiency—that we have actually within ourselves every we need to be what we’re supposed to be and to carry out what we’re an alleged to do. Money can enable us come afford a self-centered means of living the acts as if nothing is greater than united state and an ext important 보다 our individual wants, needs, and feelings.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. There is no to teach in bible that would certainly lead us to think that bad people are far better off spiritually 보다 others. My allude is come alert friend to one of the dangers of money. Money can role as one ingredient in a way of life that, in ~ street level, forgets oh my gosh existence and also his plan. This way of living is more about an individual glory 보다 God’s glory, and also it reduces one’s expenditure the money to personal desire, self-defined need, and the quest of separation, personal, instance comfort and pleasure. Those captured in that lifestyle may no theologically deny the visibility of God, yet their money support a way of life that ignores it.

As money redefines her identity, it deserve to also change the way you look at others.

2. Money can change the way you think around you.

Money is a stimulant. It will be offered to wake up a Godward method of life or one inward way of life. A girlfriend told me the for year he had prided himself on gift committed to and also contented v a “simple” lifestyle, that is, until he came into money. All of sudden he uncovered himself wanting the much more luxurious car; he to be attracted to the much more expensive shirt, and he want to eat at the better restaurant. He said, “It was humbling to admit that ns hadn’t to be living the basic life due to the fact that I was spiritually committed to it. I’d been living the an easy life because I was poor.”

Money have the right to encourage you to be much more self-focused and demanding; it deserve to edge you towards being discontent with what once made you content, and, even more dangerous, money can move you to start to expect from life what you must not expect and also to feel the you worthy what you do not deserve. Money really have the right to have a huge influence on exactly how you specify yourself and how friend think around your life and also on the expectations that shape your disappointments.

3. Money can cause you to look down on others.

What was going top top was really clear and really sad. The affluent kids stood around and made funny of a homeless man who to be doing his ideal to acquire out of their way. What to be the difference in between the kids and also the homeless man? Well, in the deepest and also most extensive way, there was no difference. The kids and also the homeless man were all made in the picture of God and meant to reflect his glory. Castle were every sinners in desperate need of redemption. No the homeless man nor the affluent teenagers had been in charge of every the scenarios that had actually led them come their ar in life. Neither the children nor the man could stand prior to God and also say they worthy anything. However the guys didn’t view themselves as similar to the man. They saw themselves together a higher order of human being being, and they treated the bad man as much less than human.

What led to them come think the method they thought and also to treat the guy the method they did? Well, there are numerous answers to the question, too countless for us to think about here, yet there was one significant ingredient that sustained it all—money. Come those suburban high institution boys, this guy was a vagrant, a bum, a loser. They to be the liked ones. It to be ugly and mean, however it pictured among the threats of money. Together money redefines your identity, it have the right to also adjust the way you look at others. Money have the right to stimulate the prideful prejudice that lurks somewhere in the love of every sinner.

4. Money can weaken your solve to struggle temptation.

When my girlfriend made his simple-life admission, he to be saying something else. In a real way, his poverty had defended him from gift able to totally follow the follow of his greed. No, it hadn’t defended him from gift envious and discontented at points, yet he merely did not have the money come pay because that what his selfish heart might imagine. This suggest is precisely why the scriptures does alert us to the peril of riches. We come into this civilization as human being who must be retrained. We come into this civilization as a risk to ourselves. We are naturally an ext discontented 보다 contented. We are normally attracted to what must scare us. We intuitively push versus God’s boundaries. So anything in our resides that protects us from us, anything that restrains us, or something that provides it tough to go wherein our desires wander is a blessing.

Money is a risk in that it clears a restraint—affordability—and in for this reason doing, exposes our hearts. It’s only when God’s elegant has formed in us truly contented hearts the we have the right to live retrained lives, not complying with the rabbit trail of every selfish desire that our wallets have the right to afford. Look, many of us on regular basis buy what we do not need since we have adhered to desires that have to be restrained, and also restraint is needed due to the fact that we can afford whatever in that minute has captured the fist of our hearts.


5. Money can finance your allegiance to the kingdom that self.

Well, this is the bottom line. I’ve currently said much about it, however this point too requires much more special attention. There is no neutrality as soon as it involves your connection to and daily use of money. As you hold and use her money, you should constantly remind yourself that the holding and also using of money space acts of worship. That’s simply how far-ranging this worry is. One of two people you room using her funds in the prayer of yourself, even if girlfriend don’t know it, or you room using your money in the self-conscious prayer of God. You money is being invested in the structure of her self-focused tiny kingdom the one or being readily available in the understand of the grand and also glorious eternal kingdom the God. This is the temptation the every sinner faces, to use the resources he has actually been offered to finance the wants, needs, and also desires of the kingdom that self, and the more money the is in his hands, the much more power this temptation often tends to have.

So, money really does matter. Did you do it been inserted by God in a civilization where money exists and will affect the shape and also direction of her life. Since money exposes you to both blessing and danger, your worries with money operation at a deeper level than exactly how much you know finances and also how fine you have constructed your budget. Room money, education, and budget beneficial? of course! yet they perform not acquire down come the level wherein the real risk of money exists.

When i misuse money, i don’t misuse it since I am ignorant or without a budget. No, i misuse it because at that suggest I don’t treatment what God or anyone else says. I want what i want, and also if I have the right to use my sources to get it, i am walking to get it. Money matters due to the fact that it interacts with one of the most significant issues in mine heart: the selfishness that sin. No lot of money, education, or budget construction has actually the power to free me indigenous the ravenous greed of my sinful heart. For that, I have the right to look only to one thing: the powerful grace of my Redeemer. He knows exactly how selfish and greedy I can be. That knows exactly how I do a resolution sooner or later that ns abandon the next. He knows how easily I am seduced into thinking that there is miscellaneous in the development that will accomplish my longing heart. He knows that I deserve to say I think in God however live as if the does not exist. So, he has actually blessed me through his right-here, right-now grace. Yes, the grace forgives me, but it walk more: the provides every little thing I must live in the money-crazy world in the method that ns was designed come live. What is the sweetest gift of that grace? Well, the sweet gift is not a thing; that is a person. God’s finest gift is himself. He comes and also lives within of me for this reason that as soon as desire in ~ meets temptation without, ns will have actually just what I have to fight the battle.

Money matters, yet God’s grace matters even more. It alone gives both the strength and the freedom we will proceed to need until the threats of money are no more.

This article is adjusted from Redeeming Money: just how God Reveals and Reorients our Hearts by Paul David Tripp.


Paul David Tripp (DMin, Westminster Theological Seminary) is a pastor, award-winning author, and international conference speaker. He has actually written many books, including the best seller New Morning Mercies. His non-profit ministry exist to affix the transforming strength of Jesus Christ to daily life. Tripp stays in Philadelphia through his wife, Luella, and also they have 4 grown children.


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