There is a dress i am considering acquiring for DD1 on and I wondered just how accurate the find It in store button is. For one color, it varies between out that stock, restricted stock and also in stock, for this reason if I"m going to go out of my method to the rare store that has it in stock, I"d favor the listing to it is in accurate. And also what does limited stock mean.... May not be available in the desired size? Or less than two left accessible in the size?

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I was hunting for a maternity dress this summer and the online inventory wasn"t precise at all. Ns would suggest calling the Target the lists it in stock and also see if they can examine the floor because that you and also hold it if they discover it.
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In my experience it"s not specific at all. There have actually been many things that it has said room in stock (meaning 2 or more of that item) or limited stock (meaning only 1 of that item at the store) and the save has had actually nothing. Once I bring it up to the store human being when I have actually them check stock they simply laugh and also say the the online stock listing is never ever right. It"s extremely frustrating, especially when you obtain your hopes up the the store has what friend want.The ideal success I"ve had is actually calling the store and also having them check for me.
I agree v PP the the details is not an extremely accurate. Restricted stock usually method there are one or two left. But there have been times where the item claims "in stock" or "limited stock" and the store had actually none in ~ all. Ns would contact to watch if the keep actually has actually what friend want prior to going over. I"ve excellent that, and Target has put the items on organize for me in client service.
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