Project Details:

Number of phases: 4Children’s enhancements remodel completed: 2010Lobby renovation completed: 2011New student center completed: 2012Remodeled sanctuary completed: 20131250 sanctuary seats57,000 sq. Ft. Remodel25,250 sq. Ft. Addition

Project Background:

Most church remodel the sanctuary very first if it’s component of an in its entirety renovation plan. However, in ~ West next Christian Church in Springfield, IL, the sanctuary was 4th in heat of a multi-phase renovation arrangement with Aspen Group.

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Before embarking on the worship center remodel, West next tackled the children wing, the lobby, and the college student ministry area. They massively updated and amplified these an essential areas that the building, and attendance enhanced rapidly as a result.

With an ext worshipers come the need for more seats in the sanctuary. Initially, West side envisioned needing to add 100 seats to the prayer center. By the time they actually were all set to start phase four, they essential twice as plenty of seats.


“We now realize that people hang out much longer after services since people have an are to linger in….”

firm Name

minister Brian Coffey, senior Pastor

Project Results:

Initially, West next envisioned needing to include 100 seats to the worship center. By the time they were ready to start the phase 4 sanctuary remodel, they essential twice as numerous seats and were may be to attain this without adding any extra square footage. They had actually experienced dramatic growth because of what happened in the vault phases.

West Side moved from pews to theater seats, i m sorry accommodated more people, and they introduced more vibrant fabrics and also theatrical fixtures to assist update and also brighten the space.

Aspen worked to maintain two traditional elements in your sanctuary—a wall-mounted cross and also a baptistery. For the baptistery, they rental a custom pool company to place it phase left. Now baptism candidates can easily slip right into a changing room off-stage, and also a household room offers room for totality groups to celebrate with newly baptized Christians.

West Side inserted a high value on AVL, so the sanctuary architecture was created to support fantastic visual and acoustic modern technology while simultaneously conserving West Side countless dollars.

West side lies along a main highway in Springfield, IL. With lots of glass in their building, passersby have seen an ext and much more signs of life with each new phase of construction. Inside, they’ll find a drastically updated, welcome space.

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By strategically renovating their existing facility, and saving the sanctuary remodel for later in the process, West Side’s building project conserved the church countless dollars and continues come bear fruit in ever-increasing ways, not the least of which is more worshipers on Sundays.