Was mich nicht umbringt…

by Dr. Daniel A. Franz | Feb 3, 2019 | Anxiety, Depression, Meaning, Mental health |

…macht mich stärker.

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Many of have actually heard one Friedrich Nietzsche’s most famous quotes:

“Whatever does not kill me, provides me stronger.”

But together I am analysis through Hiking through Nietzsche: On becoming Who girlfriend Are, ns am reminded that what an influence he had actually on Viktor Frankl’s psychological theories and Logotherapy.

He wrote much on the idea of The Eternal Return – what if each moment in life, each decision, you room destined come relive over and over. “This life together you currently live and also have live it you will have to live once again and innumerable times again; and also there will be nothing brand-new in it, however every pain and also every joy and every thought and sigh and also everything unspeakably small or great in her life must return to you, every in the same sequence and sequence…” If the were true, would you do the exact same decision in this moment? sound a lot prefer Frankl’s “Meaning the the Moment” – that in each minute in life, we have actually the opportunity to select meaning, or to pick to allow it happen by. Each is an exercise in mindful and meaningful decision making.

As Frankl instructs us that each and every one of us is unique and has our own distinctive purpose and also tasks to accomplish in life – a course that just we can fulfill; Nietzsche writes, “There exists in the people a solitary path along which no one can go except you: whither does the lead? perform not ask. Go along it.”

“God is dead, and also we have killed him.” Perhaps one of Nietzsche’s most famously misused statements. It is an ext a reflection on what he observed as decreasing morals and values in his time, that “The human being has never ever been for this reason worldly, never ever poorer in love and also goodness.” And that therefore moral decline, this absence of timeless values – in “killing God”, the former resource of these values – that humankind must currently design and also implement it’s very own value structure. Wherein Nietzsche appears to leave human being to ponder this, Frankl picks it up and also says we have to seek out and implement MEANINGFUL values and also traditions in our resides for the an excellent of ourselves, or families, ours communities, and our world.

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Frankl admits the was affected by Nietzsche. I would certainly say the he take it Nietzsche’s principles a small further, and also in a more positive direction. If you’re interested in reading more, absolutely take a look at Hiking with Nietzsche: On becoming Who friend Are. If you’d favor to find out a tiny bit more about Frankl’s principles for definition living, and also discuss them with others, have a look in ~ the beta test of The meaning Project.