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Our protagonist Tatsuya to be living a normal life as a video game fanatic and altogether typical guy. Someday he stumbled top top a dark-skinned beauty, beauty being attacked by dog in an alleyway... One thing leads come another and also she finished up living through him together she had nowhere rather to go...With naught of she own, she can only think that one means to say thanks to him because that his kindness...(Source: Hanime)

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due to the fact that no one has actually written a review of this hentai ns yet I decided it would certainly be fair for me to comment on it, together I think it is a quite solid hentai. For this reason without further ados, welcome come my evaluation of the hentai: "Wagaya no Liliana-san The Animation", i attempt to sum up my think on the hentai briefly.Story: 8/10. The story in Wagaya no Liliana-san is actually among it's ideal points, i m sorry is quite surprising because that hentai's in general (Especially ones the are just one episode). The main premise is the our key character Tatsuya comes across a homeless woman named Liliana-san and also supplies to take her home for a little while. Together we all know, a little while is yes, really non-existent in hentai's, so quite Tatsuya keeps her for more than a year. The plot the the present is very original together not plenty of hentai's have such a comparable premise, topped with that the story it gift is in reality captivating to view. Wherein the hentai trips up however is in it's pacing. I will certainly admit the the change shots room pretty good, however I feeling for the early portion of the show, as it feel if castle are just rushing to get to the shmex scenes and also not yes, really providing great buildup, which did put me off. The hentai is only around 25 mins, but I feeling if that went the extra mile and also went come 30 mins, it might have honestly make the story close to perfection! Still, a really great premise and also story.Art: 8/10. The arts in Wagaya no Liliana-san is an extremely good! The as whole style and structure that the illustration themselves space high quality and fit the show well. The show additionally utilizes a dark and also heavy contrast, which is both great and bad. Ns feel this style while spring beautiful does no really mesh well with the hair of the characters. The body and also faces fit perfectly v the coloring an option but the hair does suffer in mine eyes and also it does placed it under a peg as we constantly see the character's hair (Note, ns am talking an ext about Liliana-san for the hair yet Tatsuya's hair is decent in some scenes.). The computer animation is really good as well! no perfect however it is fluid enough to wherein you will certainly constantly have something to look in ~ enjoy. The directing that the hentai is also really impressive! as there is a an excellent mix the camera angles in shmex scenes!Sound: 9/10.The sound for the collection is exceptional! I have actually no clue that voiced Liliana-san however her voice is point out on! really cute and innocent sounding, yet can still pull off the performance throughout shmex scenes! Very great sound direction.Character: 8/10. Liliana-san to be a great character throughout the hentai. I favored her ever due to the fact that she first appeared on screen. She type of feels like a Hinata but more pervy that course, which is constantly a bonus ;) Her architecture is additionally very an excellent (besides her hair!), she pops out of the screen thanks to the shade direction and also looks really attractive too! yet what brings her character under is exactly how I feel ns didn't truly obtain to watch her personality shine. And also this is perform the pacing, as if they simply spent 5 extra minutes structure her up, then i seriously would consider her come be one of my favourite hentai woman leads!Enjoyment: 8/10.All and all, Wagaya no Liliana-san The animation is a very good hentai! It's sound direction is very praise-worthy! although the other categorizes all have actually their re-publishing of shortcomings, as an as whole product yet the hentai is amazing! The arts is great, the story has an exciting premise and also Liliana-san is fucking waifu! What else can you want.Overall:8/10! ns would very recommend you watch it! It's just 1 illustration :)