The Voluntary principles on Security and Human rights Initiative (VPI) help companies, governments and also civil society organizations anticipate and mitigate human rights threats related come the deployment of public and also private protection forces approximately industrial natural resource sites. Canada has actually participated in the VPI due to the fact that 2009.

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Canada’s duty in the VPI contributes to strengthening the rules-based order v the promotion of person rights, the mitigation of risks of conflict and the promoting of accountability, cooperation and also mutual understanding.

The VPI contributes to the Feminist assistance Policy’s Peace and also Security and also Inclusive Governance action Areas by supporting efforts to mitigate sexual and also gender-based violence in developing countries through the energetic participation of women in regional working groups and the promotion of gender-sensitive security training. Canada’s contributions aim to integrate gender perspectives right into the peace and also security initiatives of every VPI members with activities in fragile and also conflict-affected states.

Tackling sexual and also gender-based violence in the VPI

Canada is resources a job in partnership v the VPI to lug out a gender-based evaluation of the plan to identify gaps and opportunities for gender-responsive implementation that the Voluntary ethics (VP). The project aims to:

establish gender-sensitive and gender-inclusive policies within the job-related streams the the VPIpromote women’s participation in the VP’s in-country working groupsdevelop devices to respond to person rights threats particular to women, human rights defenders and also vulnerable groups, consisting of sexual and gender-based violence

To learn an ext about this project, visit task profile—Enhancing sex Equality v the spontaneous Principles.

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Canada’s priorities

In that is current function as Chair the the Voluntary ethics Initiative, Canada’s priorities include:

Supporting a gender gap analysis of the plan to determine ways the VPs have the right to improve equality and also human rights for women, girls and marginalized groupsDeveloping accuse to boost VP members’ engagement with human being rights defendersFinalizing a VP 101 guidance record to support VPs implementation by smaller sized organizationsPromoting VPs implementation in Canada, such as sustaining in-country working groups

Previously, Canada chaired the Initiative from 2011 to 2012 and from 2016 come 2017. Canada’s previous role as chair has resulted in optimistic outcomes, such as the boy Rights and Security Checklist co-developed v UNICEF, which help companies and governments improve their protection frameworks’ respect for children’s rights.