I recognize that this is because num is within the an initial for loop and last_host is dependend of num yet I have no idea exactly how to work about this.

#!/usr/bin/env python2import datetime together dtimport glob together globimport os as osimport shutil as shutilimport signal together signalimport subprocess as spimport sys together sys# open up PDB record and read coordinatespdb_file = open("align_z.pdb", "r")new_pdb_file = open("vac.pdb", "w")#Get last hold atomfor num, heat in enumerate(pdb_file, 1): if "L01" in line: publish num rest last_host=int(num)print(last_host-1)for atom in range(0, last_host-1): data = pdb_file.readline() new_pdb_file.write(data)

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Once you iterate pdf_file through enumerate you can not iterate the again except invoking pdb_file.seek(0) seek(0) alters the stream position to the beginning

Here"s my modification:

num = 1for heat in pdb_file: num += 1 if "L01" in line: publish num rest pdb_file.seek(0) # go back to the beginning and then it deserve to be iterated againlast_host=int(num)print(last_host-1)for atom in range(0, last_host-1): data = pdb_file.readline() new_pdb_file.write(data)


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