There’s a an excellent chance the your children have never ever heard the the TV present The Twilight Zone, much much less seen an episode of pole Serling’s excellent mystery scifi series. But recently Walker publications has started a graphic novel series for them to enjoy. All are based upon classic episodes of the series. The publications were <…>


*There’s a an excellent chance that your youngsters have never ever heard the the TV present The* Twilight Zone*, much less seen an illustration of stick Serling’s excellent an enig scifi series. Yet recently Walker books has started a graphic novel series for them to enjoy. All are based on classic illustration of the series.

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The publications were created by mark Kneece, that teaches a scripting course in the Sequential arts Department at the Savannah university of Art and Design in Georgia, and also it was attracted by a group of student there. Follow to one NPR piece about the series:

Anna Burgard, manager of the college's sector Partnerships program, acquired the idea ~ talking with Earl Hamner , one of the Twilight Zone's initial scriptwriters. The Waltons.> Burgard had been intrigued by the school's Sequential art Department, who 400 students deal in comics, graphic novels, something with pictures in sequence. Hamner presented Burgard come Carol Serling, rod Serling's widow, who provided the eco-friendly light to the graphic novels.

I an extremely much delighted in the comic adaptations of the show. We received review copies of three books: The after ~ Hours, The Monsters room Due on Maple Street, and also The Odyssey of flight 23. The first book, The after Hours, to be the only comic based upon an episode I had actually seen. The story is about a woman who gets trapped in a department store and discovers the mystery about the store’s mannequins and herself. The Odyssey of trip 23 is the story the a airplane flight that travels through several time periods. However of the ones i read, The Monsters space Due ~ above Maple Street was my favorite. The tells exactly how the inhabitants of a generic suburban street come to be lunatics after aliens tree the seeds of paranoia.

There space a pair of points worth mentioning. While the comics continued to be true (more or less) to the stories, lock did include some modern aspects, such together a character on a cabinet phone. Among the biggest changes I noticed was a darker ton in the writing. The monsters on Maple Street is one example. Their portrayal that the mob step at the end came to be incredibly intense. Though no violent, it would certainly be enough to fear younger readers. But all in every these are not bad books because that older readers. I would recommend them because that 10 and up.

Thanks to mine GeekTeen John, 16, for creating this review!

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