Mythologies and also the retellings that the plot of divine beings not only case to describe how huge ideas and aspects that the world pertained to be, yet they additionally tend to actually shape the world through the acts of their followers.

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Without calling the end any specific religions of our world, we deserve to see many of crusades and spiritual sects who have actually ruled not one however many federal governments throughout our very own history.

This principle is no various in the many worlds of Dungeons and Dragons.

Okay.. Probably it can be a little different. Many of the civilizations we might experience in our favourite TTRPG have actually gods the you could actually have actually the happiness (or misfortune) that meeting challenge to face.

This idea the gods have actually a direct influence ~ above the human beings we adventure in have the right to be mind-blowing, and also it can set the ton for many campaigns.

If she just getting into D&D, or room a longtime pan looking for much more information, us hope this post can begin to enlighten you.

We’ll talk about deities native the perspectives of both dungeon masters and also players, and also then introduce you to countless of the established gods and pantheons for different campaign settings.

Table that Contents

DMing Deities and also Demigods

There is a reason why ‘Gods of her World’ is top top the 10th page of the DMG.

Gods, even if it is or not they exist in your world, are important. In fact, the very an initial assumption in worldbuilding is the “Gods Oversee your World.” 

Most of the time we comment on the Forgotten realms as the main setting of D&D, and also when we execute so we’re discussing a fantastical human being littered with the influence of the gods.

From the Tieflings‘ ties to Asmodeus or various other demonic lords, to a cleric that has dedicated their life in service to a god, our players will all have actually some relationship to these powerful beings. 

If you’re utilizing a preset campaign, the influence of the gods should be pretty straightforward. A project centered approximately demons taking over the world is frequently going come look much various than one centered roughly political strife.

Even then, we have to be prepared to respond to our characters’ relationships with deities. 

That brings us to one of the best responsibilities you’ll have actually when it pertains to gods. Being able come convey the messages and also wills of the god to your players is extremely important.

When you’re preparing for any kind of campaign, you should be talk to your players about their characters.

When you execute this make certain to asking questions around gods. This is straightforward for a cleric, warlock, or druid, but should be contemplated for every character.

You’ll want to know two things, that they worship, and also what their connection is like.

If her paladin player has dedicated themselves to Pelor you’ll desire to recognize a thing or two around the god that light and be ready to answer their prayers. Giving your players’ personalities enough prestige to warrant direct communication with the gods is a great way to create fulfillment. 

Some that us choose to develop our very own worlds, and that’s amazing. As soon as you carry out so, I want you come think around a few things:

How execute gods influence the world?Which gods room in your world?How carry out the god relate to each other?

Just answering this three an easy questions will build so much lore for your world. Not only that, however it will give you the opportunity to perform all those things that might come simpler to someone who’s to run a preconceived world.

In the original Dungeons & Dragons, there were 3 classes: Cleric, Fighting man, and Magic-User.

How Gods impact Players In DnD

Mechanically, the only course that is actually influenced by gods are clerics. They gain their powers with the domain the the god they worship. This decides their subclass, and a lot an ext as far as roleplay goes.

Perhaps the craziest thing around clerics is the 10th level capacity they obtain named divine Intervention. Any type of guesses what it does?

That’s right, he claimed in Dora voice. Castle literally speak to upon their god come intercede in affairs. I mean, come on right, an yes, really god affect the result of a battle or worse, a dinner party?!

It might seem crazy the clerics room the only class with an yes, really mechanical connection to the gods, however did you understand that in the original Dungeons & Dragons, over there were just three classes? Cleric, Fighting man, and also Magic-User were her options, for this reason ⅓ that the classes were reliant ~ above gods!

Clerics room spoiled, yet every character has some partnership with gods. You’ll desire to number out what that means to girlfriend because, in a civilization where god abound, her stance is important. 

In most settings, it’s difficult to it is in an atheist, however you can still choose to distrust or despise the powers at be. Her actions are most likely at least somewhat shaped through which path you choose. A druid faithful to Melora will be far much more connected to the savagery the nature 보다 one committed to Eldath. 

There’s additionally the factor to consider of exactly how your gyeongju plays into your id in a deity.

A half-orc could have an interesting relationship v Gruumsh, or might’ve to be taught to think that the is a good god. Playing into racial deities is terrific way to feel much more connected to her character’s race, and also to learn an ext about their culture.

Who room The Deities

While you always reserve the best to create your very own gods, there room plenty of choices to select from so you don’t have actually to. The following are list of deities from different settings in the D&D multiverse.

We’ve sectioned them out by alignment, therefore if you’re searching for a chaotic good god for your Dragonlance campaign, feel free to role on down.

Each deity has its said domain, symbol, and a quick description together well. The domain names are because that clerics, but also give you a an excellent idea the what every god does.

The domain names introduced in the PHB and DMG room well covered and each god should plainly have among those, but domains presented later are much more open to debate.

The domains that at this time exist are:

Arcana SCAGDeathDMGForgeXGtEGrave XGtEKnowledgePHBLifePHBLightPHBNaturePHBOrderGGtR/TCoEPeaceTCoETempestPHBTrickeryPHBTwilightTCoEWarPHB

Deities that the forget Realms

The Forgotten worlds are the most common setting in Dungeons and Dragons, and most god on this list space ones you deserve to expect to encounter at one allude or another.

The Faerunian pantheon additional in this write-up is greatly made from selections of these gods, along with a few others. Girlfriend can also expect most racial deities to exist alongside these in a typical setting.

Lawful Good

Ilmater, god that endurance

Suggested Domain: Life, TwilightSymbol: hand bound at the wrist with a red cord

The Crying God, or the One who Endures, is the god of martyrs and those who have actually suffered. His teachings motivated his pendant to save others from harm and to take the burden of enduring in the place of others.

Torm, god of courage and self-sacrifice

Suggested Domain: WarSymbol: White right-hand gauntlet

The god that duty, loyalty, and also righteousness was once a mortal who offered Tyr in his Procession that Justice, a war on chaos and also evil. His followers all look for to spread out ideals that honesty and also righteousness, and like their deity, are willing to war against those that would oppose them.

Tyr, god of justice

Suggested Domain: War, OrderSymbol: Balanced scales relaxing on a warhammer

Tyr is the greater god the the Triad, a group of lawful an excellent gods consisting of Ilmater and Torm. The is blind and also maimed, having actually lost his ideal hand in battle, and also represents the sacrifice the comes through living a lawfully an excellent life.

Neutral Good

Chauntea, goddess the agriculture

Suggested Domain: LifeSymbol: Sheaf of grain, or blooming climbed over grain

Worshipped by druids, farmers, and gardeners, Chauntea is the deity of agriculture and plant cultivation. Several of her worshippers go as far as to worship her together the avatar that Abeir-Toril, the human being of the forgotten realms setting.

Deneir, god that writing

Suggested Domain: Knowledge, ArcanaSymbol: Lit candle above an open up eye

Deneir, the Scribe of Oghma, is venerated by those who value inventing, learning, and history. Churches of Deneir regularly have extensive libraries devoted to maps and histories.

Eldath, goddess of peace

Suggested Domain: Life, Nature, PeaceSymbol: Waterfall plunging into still pool

The existence of the eco-friendly Goddess have the right to be feeling in any type of oasis that serenity. She is a pacifistic goddess who blesses waters with healing power. Her followers just resort come violence as a last resort, in the defense of peace.

Lathander, god the birth and also renewal

Suggested Domain: Life, LightSymbol: Road traveling right into a sunrise

The Morninglord is a picture-perfect depiction of a neutral good deity. His portfolio includes dawn, creativity, athletics, renewal, and also vitality, and also he is often called upon come bless brand-new life right into this world.

Mielikki, goddess that forests

Suggested Domain: NatureSymbol: Unicorn’s head

This deity is often pictured v a bow in she hand in the Grove of Unicorns, a realm within the residence of Nature. Druids who follow her are the closestly to rangers druids get, and might also wear metal armor.

Milil, god that poetry

Suggested Domain: LightSymbol: Five-stringed harp made of leaves

Milil is a maid of Oghma who teaches the philosophy of living life together if it to be a song. His followers enjoy the ups and also downs the life and do not fear the end of the tune. Bards would find an excellent comfort in worshipping Milil.

Mystra, goddess the magic

Suggested Domain: Knowledge, ArcanaSymbol: Circle of 7 stars, or nine stars encircling a flower or red mist, or a solitary star

Mystra is therefore innately tied to magic the an incarnation of her was as soon as a mortal sorcerer’s by the surname of Midnight. She deserve to cast nearly any spell ever known in ~ the greatest level and also is minimal by nobody of the points which restrain mortal mages. She can even impart spell expertise to her devout.

Chaotic Good

Lliira, goddess that joy

Suggested Domain: LifeSymbol: Triangle of 3 6 pointed stars

A important carefree deity, her pendant are well-known as the joydancers. She blessings are extended to any celebrations, so lengthy as they space not touched by violence.

Selune, goddess of the moon

Suggested Domain: Knowledge, LifeSymbol: Pair the eyes surrounded by seven stars

A mix of the slavic Zorya, and various moon goddesses throughout assorted faiths, Selune transforms with the phases that the moon. Every of her facets watch over the human being below, and her rule spreads over all that is touched by the light of the moon.

Sune, goddess that love and also beauty

Suggested Domain: Life, LightSymbol: Face that a beautiful, red-headed woman

Sune is closely related to Athena and also Aphrodite of the greek pantheon. She is worshipped by every those who appreciate beauty, beauty over all else.

Tymora, goddess of great fortune

Suggested Domain: TrickerySymbol: Face-up coin

Tymora is the sister the Beshaba, and upholds a staunch rivalry with her sibling. She decides the fate the those who would prayer evil v a roll of her dice, and in turn gives her blessing come those who room willing come take risks in life.

Lawful Neutral

Azuth, god of wizards

Suggested Domain: Arcana, KnowledgeSymbol: Left hand pointing upward, outlined in fire

Azuth is a maid of Mystra, and also holds his location as the lesser divine being of magic. His followers, recognized as the Magistrati, consists of monks, clerics, wizards, and also other spellcasters, act as a sort of management for magic customers in everything cities they space found.

Helm, god of protection

Suggested Domain: Life, LightSymbol: Staring eye top top upright left gauntlet

Helm, regularly pictured in a fit of armor, is very worshipped by paladins and also guards. That is the archetypal protector enforcer, and is well-known by many names, including the Watcher, the Vigilant, and also He the the Unsleeping Eyes.

Kelemvor, god the the dead

Suggested Domain: DeathSymbol: Upright skeletal eight holding well balanced scales

Kelemvor is one of the few death gods who believes that fatality is other that have to be honored, not feared. He acts as the referee of the damned, sending those who have actually passed on come their appropriate final resting place.

Savras, god that divination and law

Suggested Domain: Arcana, KnowledgeSymbol: Crystal ball containing plenty of kind of eyes

A an additional servant the Mystra, Savras once vied for a place as god that wizards, at some point losing the end to Azuth. His followers space diviners and also truth-speakers, using their connection to magic to foresee the which is however to come.

True Neutral

Gond, god that craft

Suggested Domain: Forge, KnowledgeSymbol: Toothed cog with four spokes

More than just the god the craft, Gond is recognized as the mr of all Smiths. That is known as Nebulin by gnomes, and Zionil in the glowing Lands. He urges inventiveness and innovation in all of his followers.

Oghma, god the knowledge

Suggested Domain: KnowledgeSymbol: Blank scroll

Oghma is the chief deity of understanding in the pantheons the is a part of. The is the mr of bards, invention, knowledge, and inspiration.

Silvanus, god that wild nature

Suggested Domain: NatureSymbol: Oak leaf

The partner to Chauntea, Silvanus represents the wilder part of nature. Together he embraces much more of the savage, chaotic next of the world, he care far more for nature than balance and also order; one idea reflect in the plot of his followers.

Tempus, god that war

Suggested Domain: WarSymbol: Upright flaming sword

Before Tempus take it his location as the god of war, there to be a good battle between all those who sought the position. Eventually, having took in the strength of all those the defeated, Tempus stand alone in his rule. He believes in honorable battle and despises cowardice.

Waukeen, goddess of trade

Suggested Domain: Knowledge, TrickerySymbol: Upright coin through Waukeen’s profile encountering left

For a lesser deity, Waukeen’s dominance spreads wide. She has ascendancy over everything related come commerce, indigenous fair trade to smuggling. Persistence and negotiation are the staples of she teachings.

Chaotic Neutral

Leira, goddess the illusion

Suggested Domain: TrickerySymbol: Point-down triangle containing a swirl the mist

Leira is a liar, donate deception come the truth whenever she can. Leirans, she followers, reflect these mannerisms and will regularly disguise us to accomplish their goals.

Mask, god the thieves

Suggested Domain: TrickerySymbol: Black mask

Mask is maybe the most well-known divine being of thieves, spies, and assassins. What is frequently forgotten is the the mantle has actually been worn by numerous over the ages, all acquisition on the personality and also responsibility that the mr of Shadows.

Lawful Evil

Bane, god that tyranny

Suggested Domain: Order, WarSymbol: Upright black best hand, thumb and also fingers together

Not a roided out Batman villain, Bane is collection on preeminence over every one of Faerun (or whatever civilization you happen to be using him in). Together a cruel, intelligent tyrant he uses his affect to spread out his rule, exhilaration indirectly v his followers.

Loviatar, goddess of pain

Suggested Domain: DeathSymbol: Nine-tailed barbed scourge

Loviatar is the servant and queen of Bane. She shares his passion for tyranny and also enjoys abusing others through physical and psychological torture. 

Neutral Evil

Bhaal, god that murder

Suggested Domain: DeathSymbol: Skull surrounding by a ring of blood droplets

Bhaal is a important terrifying deity whose influence spreads over all acts that violence. His worshippers room an unruly cult of civilization who reap murdering rather to appease their god. In addition to Bane and Myrkul he was given rule over Jergal’s realm, having once to be mortal adventurers seeking power.

Myrkul, god the death

Suggested Domain: DeathSymbol: White human skull

Worshippers the Myrkul space rare. He inspires are afraid of fatality in all, getting his power not from adoration however from pure terror.

Shar, goddess that darkness and also loss

Suggested Domain: Death, TrickerySymbol: Black decaying encircled with a border

Shar is the twin sister the Selune, and her dominion spreads widely over all the the darkness of night touches. She is maybe most famous for developing the shadow Weave, a internet of dark magical energy influencing the multiverse.

Chaotic Evil

Beshaba, goddess that misfortune

Suggested Domain: TrickerySymbol: Black antlers

Beshaba is set upon damaging her sister Tymora. Her portfolio of mischief, misfortune, accidents and poor luck room worshipped by many, although most of this prayer is inspired by fear. Many of her adventurous followers took on roles of assassins, bringing misfortune to others.

Cyric, god the lies

Suggested Domain: TrickerySymbol: White jawless skull on black or purple starburst

Cyric, the Prince the Lies, is among the most prominent evil gods. He has toppled countless thrones and also stolen the worship of various other evil gods. He to be responsible because that the Spellplague, the multiversal chaos that tore the towel of reality.

Malar, god that the hunt

Suggested Domain: NatureSymbol: Clawed paw

Malar is a god that is just vaguely humanoid. Well-known as the Beastlord, that is the god of angry lycanthropes, bestial savagery and also bloodlust. He urges the dismantling the civilization.

Talona, goddess of an illness and poison

Suggested Domain: DeathSymbol: Three teardrops on a triangle

Talona’s followers will regularly scar themselves and also test us by building up resistances to poisons and diseases. They view those that succumb come such things as weak and also disposable.

Talos, god that storms

Suggested Domain: TempestSymbol: Three lightning bolts radiating indigenous a central point

Talos is possibly an facet of the Orc god Gruumsh. Choose a storm, he seeks to spread violence and also mayhem v destruction and demands pure obedience from his worshippers.

Deities the Greyhawk

The deities of Greyhawk are amongst the an initial deities to it is in created, or added, come the mythos that Dungeons & Dragons, due to the fact that the world of Greyhawk to be the development of one of Gary Gygax’s an initial settings.

In fact, St. Cuthbert and also Pholtus to be the very first two gods produced by Gygax as a an answer to his clerics’ desire come worship initial gods.

Lawful Good

Heironeous, god of chivalry and also valor

Suggested Domain: WarSymbol: Lightning Bolt

Heironeous see the world as dangerous and believes the such risks should be get over with honor. The paladins, soldiers, and also clerics that follow that act with righteous intent to spread out goodwill throughout the lands.

Pholtus, god that light and law

Suggested Domain: Light, OrderSymbol: Silver sun or full moon partially overshadowed by a smaller crescent moon

Followers that Pholtus think in the One True means set out by their god. They have small room for mercy in the dispersing of your ideals throughout the world.

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Rao, god the peace and reason

Suggested Domain: Knowledge, PeaceSymbol: White heart

Reason leader to discourse, discourse to peace, and peace to serenity. This is the teachings that Rao, that spreads an wait of calm wherever the or his pendant go.