Owner operated Auto fix in Mission Viejo

ASE Certified understand Tech Serving your Toyota, Honda, Euro, and Domestic Auto Repair demands in theMission Viejo and South Orange county area. Say thanks to you for visiting my web site. I have been serving south Orange County because that 16 years. We are open from Monday to Friday 8AM to 5PM. Indigenous brakes to examine engine light diagnostics to engine repair, we space a full service auto fix facility at her service. We job-related on a wide variety of cars, Toyota, Honda, European and also Domestic. Call or lug your automobile down come see united state in mission Viejo because that a free Auto fix Inspection and Estimate. 949-305-1425For Map come Our Shop, Click here

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Official Brake and also Lamp inspection Station

Tony"s Automotive is currently a BAR certified, state the California Brake and also Lamp inspection Station and we room certified come both perform both inspection and also repair on every motor vehicles.

Free local Shuttle organization

Tony's Automotive is proud to announce our new, More Than just a shuttle Service. Never ever leave your residence or office for your automotive fix again!

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AAA authorized Auto Repair

Tony's Automotive is proud to announce the we currently are an AAA authorized auto repair facility.

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Official Smog inspection StationAll Cars and Trucks 2000 and NewerGet your State of California Smog Certificate Here, we room licensed to both perform both Inspection and Repairs ~ above Cars and Trucks 2000 and also Newer. If you need a smog check for your registration, especially if you need repairs come pass, Please speak to us anytime because that a No Charge consultation and estimate that repairsAuto Repair/Service WarrantyAt Tony's Automotive in Mission Viejo, any kind of auto repair company we do is guarantee for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first. This warranty includes both parts and also labor, under common driving conditions. You re welcome remember that part auto services call for a an ext frequent interval (like your oil adjust 3,000 miles) and others, (like some component warrantees) may prolong farther or longer. Please speak to us anytime with with her automotive warranty or repair questions as we constantly have time because that our customers.

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You will be notified of your finish automotive repair company warranty before any kind of repairs space started on her vehicle.AAA approved Auto repair shopapproved totally free wireless internet


Approval in much less Than 1 Hour

You can apply securely and also discreetly native your residence or office, and also then come in through your approved amount known prior to you finalize her auto repair. Click the image on the left to acquire started

Inside Our repair Shop

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