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(Chorus: B.O.B.)

I offered to dream (I used to dream) oh whoah

About the money and also the cars and girls (and the girls)

But currently I song (now ns sing) five whoah

Because I"m sitting on peak of the civilization (the totality world)

And now I sing sing song sing reason I"m sit on height of the world

And currently I sing sing song sing sit on optimal of the world

(Verse 1: T.I.)

Man i remember prior to I say the wait let me issue this statement

No means should reflection it is in mistaking because that glorification

Now ns remember therefore vivid me and my niggas to be living

Sub-standard condition still taking care of business

Still laughing and tripping still having the bitches

I"m rapping now reminiscing and also god cursed it we made it

From trapping standing and pitching through rich we stand in the kitchen

Splitting it eight ways flipping the 8 days

Thought the while in a room the was just the means to behave

Kept the weight and the yay for many the document we made in every dimes

I ain"t lying the pleasure was every mine

Have big work come move but we served the little time

I constantly outshined the niggas with small minds

Who would certainly of believed we would certainly be may be the greatest of all time

Around right here we emerged such a sound down here

But duplicate it off the stole it have the right to only be discovered here

Only listen to G"s that various other shit i don"t hear

Shit they so much in the rear how would I also care

I"m as well busy gift a player staring at niggas careers

But talk about it for years and now we lastly here


(Verse 2: Ludacris)

They say what walk up must come down yet I ain"t reached my setravel altitude

Take a look in ~ what ns did however can friend imagine what I"m around to do

The areas I"m bout to go and the money I"m bout to see

Gave bill entrances some binoculars and said look the end for me

Exceeded expectations also at def jam

Cause i married the streets and also atlanta has actually been my ideal man

My momma quit her job and now she functions with 6 figures

Cause I"m a self-made nappy-headed affluent nigga

Private planes assist me take trip in peace

To 4 cities in one day and also four nations in one week

Cause I occupational for myself and no one else reason I"m also smart too

Put among my partners appropriate through culinary art school

Now that my personal chef so that bread he obtain it

Put them all in homes cleaned up all of my girlfriend credit

And now they witness all the glitz and the glamour

Catch united state eating at straits atlanta through women v table manners

Order in singapore and also lobster

Celebrating coming from nothing to winning grammys and rappers to win oscars

And they to speak rappers shouldn"t act nahh suckers

We view samuel jackson favor what"s up mommy fucker


(Verse 3: T.I.)

I understand them haters don"t avoid plotting and wish you would fall

Cause I"m stand on peak looking under at the all

I watch you under there to ya"ll this ain"t prefer I gained it all

Homie ns ain"t get enough I"m tho trying to triple up

So every we got is street cred and also akoo structure up

Say I"m law too much shit ns say ns ain"t did enough

Remember saying cursed if I could just acquire to a million plus

And currently I"m favor shit what the fu*kis a million bucks

Triple the on mine bun many thanks to bigs and run

But never mind what I"ve to be through just look in ~ what ns become

All the shit I"ve avoided what ns done for my sons

Hand dollars and momma just contact her

I sold dope and dropped the end of college seems it"s every they deserve to see

They don"t an alert none of my household did that due to the fact that me

I damaged that cycle now my family live a life of

Mandatory minimals yet not once the referee sentence them

Cousins in college wherein you think they get tuition from

Jeffrey standing roughly wishing huh

And while girlfriend standing around looking dumb

I do it happen taking action over time obtained damn an excellent at it


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