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My InterpretationI am experiencing this song.I"m not one for the ladies. At all. They usually don"t speak to me. I know, I"m just 17, and also I shouldn"t worry. But the unfortunate reality of this method that as quickly as one comes along, I loss for castle immediately.Start the this year, i met a girl. Fantastic girl. Fucking beautiful, lot smarter than I, pretty kind music taste. But, since she was method too an excellent for me, i couldn"t just ask her out there, so i snuck my means in. Ns became an excellent friends through her. Really great friends. She basically spend all she time v me and also one that my other friends, who currently had a girlfriend, so in my mind she was mine.In my mind we were fucking perfect. I can imagine this fairytale relationship of happiness, since she was one of those girls who I"d quite hug than bone, and I can just imagine this perfect fact in my minds eye. I held onto this dream. It offered me happiness, thinking it may possibly come true. Yet it to be so vivid, ns made the stupid decision to shot and do it come true.About a month ago I finally made decision to tell her my feelings. To no avail. At first, ns wasn"t that mad. I mean, she was way too beautiful because that me, and also she valued my friendship too much. Yet then i realised. The dream to be gone. It was no much longer in mine mind"s eye, due to the fact that it was currently impossible. Prior to it to be improbable, currently it"s impossible. This journey me insane. I maintained thinking of means I might get her to change her mind, bring back the dream. I confessed to she again, in an ext depth, last week.Nothing."The more I present the way I feel, the less I find you provide a damn"This track is mine anthem best now. I"ve called her ns can"t speak to she any an ext because I"ll go insane. However I really, honestly go think the it to be the begin of something beautiful.

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Gallifreyon April 25, 2013Link
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You"re my hero, LOL. Probably since I fell specifically the same after mine gf damaged up through me once I was simply 17. And even much more because friend really get the tune IMHO. ;)
Just wanted to say the girls go through this too! i went with rejection ~ rejection throughout those years.

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General CommentI assumption: v this track is about a person proclaiming his love to a girl, most likely his close friend, and that love never being returned. Mostly, i think, because she"s currently dealing with concerns of her own "Mother shed her looks for youFather never wanted you".