This is a speak I check out the other day and also it has impacted me profoundly. The is a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche a German Philosopher. It seems to yes, really strike at the love at what ns think is wrong through the political system today. Every little thing is perceived through this prism of countless complication. Where we once lived by 10 commandments now we live by 10,000 and also that’s just council by-laws top top fencing!

Einstein said (I know bringing out the brains trust today) that if friend can’t describe something merely then you don’t understand it fine enough. I totally agree through this. There space two factors why i think this end convolution of seemingly whatever is happening, come disperse responsibility and make people feel that they room not enough of an professional on noþeles to have actually an opinion. Plainly this hasn’t affected me!

It have the right to make human being feel the they space not knowledgable and anything the appeals to the bulk is labelled ‘populist’ together if that is a poor thing. In my suffer the more people who have tendency to agree the something is a great idea the much more likely that it is one (unless you space a group of teens doing shots and also thinking the roof might be a good substitute because that a diving board into the pool).

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It additionally leads come a speak that common sense doesn’t seem that usual anymore. Over there is a reason the bulk of voters space rebelling against policies and that is due to the fact that they deserve to see they space unfair. No matter exactly how much ‘spin’ is put on it. Over there is also the feeling that simple people, again the majority, room not being heard, and also policies space being formulated to cosset the elite. (Now I have to apologise since I will certainly be labelled as beginning a class war – funny how this tiny gem is just trotted out once you discuss the wealthy however not as soon as derogatory comments about unions and also blue collar workers space made). This isn’t walking to go away. Civilization tend come agree that there must be part tough options in regards come the budget, but even Alan Jones deserve to see the feeling in removing taxation concessions for human being as well-off as he is. And lets challenge it if you can afford to own an investment residential property you don’t need a taxation concession. Just these two policies might save the federal government millions yet we have actually not heard a word about it. Any theories people? Or are these suggestions to simple?

There is also the bad habit the federal government has that privatising everything, which seems to bring about much higher prices (again looking for an sector where competition has led to reduced prices not higher profits) and also the systems are so complicated now that once something go wrong, there room at least three suppliers to sue. All 3 companies have the right to quite conveniently play the let’s transition the reference game. Quite apart from the reality that I believed my counting were an alleged to pay for roads. Why carry out I now need to pay Eastlink and Citylink and also are these exclusive companies the reason we quiet don’t have a train to the airport? us are one of the last significant cities in the people to be lacking this critical piece of infrastructure. Not to mention the absolute farce the eastern West connect has become.

I guess ns feel the the more facility tax law is and also the more wordy personal / federal government contracts are, the objective is come muddy the water. Why muddy the water? To do it seem deep yet it is also to avoid you from see clearly.

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Collette February 24, 2015 in ~ 1:00 am

This is definitely the instance for me. I don’t feeling confident enough to have actually a proper discussion about politics since I don’t feeling I have the depth of knowledge that is required. But, ns do recognize what is fundamentally vital to me, and also that informs my vote. So muddying the waters is no going to sway my vote, what really underpins a policy, where the root of the policy lie, space most important to me.