The scene I"m functioning in constantly spams the article There space no audio listener in the scene. You re welcome ensure there is constantly one audio listener in the scene. If I include a dummy camera with an Audio Listener, i then obtain There are 2 audio listeners in the scene. Please ensure over there is always exactly one audio listener in the scene.

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I understand this happens since our camera is developed programmatically, through an audio listener. I likewise realize this will not influence the non-development develop in any kind of way.

Is it possible to disable these warnings completely?


$egingroup$ would certainly you desire to add the listener programmatically come the camera in ~ creation? Or you just want to disable the error message? $endgroup$
$egingroup$ you claimed that the 2 listeners error comes as soon as you include a listener come the fake camera. I'm asking if you wanted to include it programmatically to the camera girlfriend are including programmatically, and not have actually the dummy camera at all. But ok, you simply want come disable the error. How will you have actually sound then? You desire to use the fake camera? that would create a many weird problems.... $endgroup$
I ended up allowing the Audio Listener on our login camera, then ruining it programmatically once the player camera spawns (this is what was resulting in the issue).

staticCamera= GameObject.Find("StaticCamera").GetComponent(); Destroy(staticCamera.GetComponent());


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