Harriet Walter and also Aaron Cobham in ‘The Spanish Princess’ season 1 illustration 8 (Photo Credit: Starz)

Lady Margaret hasn’t provided up. She cases Oviedo stole she prayer book and also has that arrested. (She gave him the publication to read.) She commands the security to remove Oviedo native the castle and hang him. Oviedo screams that he’s no thief together Lady Margaret strides way.

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Lina captures up and confronts Lady Margaret, reminding her Oviedo has been loyal. She marvels if Lady Margaret forgot she offered Oviedo the book. Lady Margaret forces Lina to admit Princess Catherine and also Prince Arthur consummated your marriage. Lina believes she’s confirming Lady Margaret’s suspicions in exchange for Oviedo’s release. She isn’t. Lady Margaret will certainly still see Oviedo hung and Lina ejected native the palace.

Lina runs to the yard where Oviedo is being held. She asks if she have the right to please it is in his mam now, even though he has very tiny time left. She confesses he’s whatever to her.

Princess Margaret is bathing when she asks around her lady, Lina. Said Lina there is no returned, Princess Catherine goes trying to find her friend.

Maggie attempts come fetch Reggie from the monastery however he refuses to speak to her together she assures that she loves him. The remains, speechless, in bed. Once he doesn’t respond, she tells him she’ll return the complying with day.

Lina and Oviedo space married in a joint Catholic and also Muslim ceremony.

Lady Margaret walks through a purpose into the privy the supervisory board meeting. Princess Catherine’s also in attendance together they comment on the illegal taxation. King Henry suggests he need to hang the whole council and Lady Margaret agrees. She takes it a step further and suggests Princess Catherine – the harlot – must be actors out the the palace.

King Henry requirements the board of directors leave as Lady Margaret expose Lina told her Princess Catherine consummated her marital relationship with Prince Arthur. Lady Margaret claims it’s versus God’s legislation for Princess Catherine to it is in Queen as Catherine continues to deny she slept v Arthur. King Henry requirements Lina be fetched and that she’s made to swear her statement top top the cross in his presence.

Lady Margaret doesn’t automatically act and King Henry pounds the table, yelling, “Bring her to me!”

Princess Catherine realizes something’s wrong and also asks what Lady Margaret did come Lina. King Henry adheres to her native the chamber as Lady Margaret continues to be behind, knowledge she’s been discovered out.

Lina and Oviedo kiss and then he is taken into the barn. The soldiers place the noose about his neck, assuring him they’ll do this as quick as possible. Lina begs them come reconsider as Oviedo says, ‘Goodbye, love of my life. I will see you in heaven.”

Lina proceeds to cry and beg together Oviedo is hung. He battles at the rope around his neck and also is on the verge of happen out as Princess Catherine and King Henry arrive, demanding he it is in let down. King Henry regulates his guys to say that ordered the hanging.

King Henry and also Princess Catherine face Lady Margaret, and also Margaret proceeds to contact Oviedo a thief. Lady Margaret insists it doesn’t matter; Lina confessed the truth. King Henry knows Lina just did so since his grandmother endangered to kill the love of she life.

Lina cares for Oviedo in the barn and also he tells she she must be helping through Princess Catherine’s wedding. Lina defines the wedding deserve to not take place due to the fact that the Pope hasn’t authorized it. Oviedo reveals he read the letter indigenous the Pope offering his permission mainly ago. Lady Margaret has actually the letter.

King Henry and Princess Catherine educate Lady Margaret the Pope shown he sent a letter. Lock will have actually a exclusive wedding and Lady Margaret is no invited.

Lady Margaret is plagued v visions of the young boys she had murdered. The ghosts of two dead guys stand by the side of she bed, shirt bloody.

Maggie Pole is ~ above her way to the wedding once she hears Lady Margaret crying out. “My children are all here with me because that the wedding, yet Reggie chooses not to speak. The is the final gift you’ve offered me,” states Maggie.

Lady Margaret cases everything she developed will be undone v the marriage of King Henry to Princess Catherine. “What have you developed though? Hatred and also fear. You are forsaken,” states Maggie.

Before the consciousness Princess Catherine receives letters from Spain. Her father claims Harry did not refuse the complement to Eleanor together Harry claimed. Catherine’s father withdrew Eleanor’s hand after finding out Harry slept through Catherine’s sister, Queen Joanne.

Princess Catherine find King Henry in the chapel, deep in prayer. She asks him straight if he slept through her sister and he adamantly denies it. “Why would certainly I have? i walked v fire for you. I stood against my father, risked my throne. Said that we must be crowned together. How might you think this the me?” asks King Henry.

He alerts her if she trust this, whatever they battled for will certainly be for nothing.

Princess Catherine choose to believe him and also apologizes, blaming her sister for trying come hurt them. King Henry kisses she hands and also then asks if she ever before slept through his brother, Prince Arthur. She smiles and claims she didn’t. “I to be a maid,” claims Princess Catherine.

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They laugh at each other, but the smiles perform not touch their eyes. The last scene of the season mirrors Princess Catherine to run from the chapel and emerging outside. Her inner chaos is obvious on her face.