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"Time Marches On" is a tune written through Bobby Braddock, and also recorded through American country music artist Tracy Lawrence. It was released in in march 1996 as the 2nd single and title track from his album Time Marches On. It to be the 15th chart single of his career. It invested three weeks in ~ Number One top top the Billboard country charts in mid-1996, coming to be the longest-lasting Number One fight of his career. It also received a single of the Year nomination from the country Music combination in 1996, and a track of the Year nomination for both 1996 and 1997. Much more »

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Sister cries the end from her baby bedBrother runs in, feather on his headMama"s in her room learning how to sewDaddy"s drinking beer, listening come the radioHank Williams sings "Kaw Liga" and "Dear John"And time marches on, time marches onSister"s utilizing rouge and also clear complexion soapBrother"s put on beads and also he smokes a lot of dopeMama is depressed, barely renders a soundDaddy"s got a girlfriend in an additional townBob Dylan sings "Like a roll Stone"And time marches on, time marches onThe southern moves north, the North move southA star is born, a star burns outThe only thing that stays the very same isEverything changes, everything changesSister calls herself a "Sexy Grandma"Brother"s top top a diet for high cholesterolMama"s the end of touch through realityDaddy"s in the ground in ~ a maple treeAs the angels sing an old Hank Williams songTime marches on, time marches onTime marches on, time marches onTime marches on, time marches on

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Tracy Lawrence Tracy Lawrence (born January 27, 1968) is an American country music artist. He began at a country music restaurant referred to as "Live at Libby"s" wherein owner Libby article would help local talent uncover their means into country music. Lawerence signed come Atlantic records in 1991, Lawrence debuted that year with the album Sticks and Stones, which created his an initial chart solitary and first Number One hit in its title track. Five much more studio albums, and also a live album and also a compilation album, complied with throughout the 1990s and into 2000 ~ above Atlantic prior to the label"s country department was closed in 2001. Afterward, he tape-recorded for Warner Bros.

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Records, DreamWorks Records, Mercury documents Nashville and also his very own label, Rocky comfort Records. An ext »