ns joined university Coach after working in elevation school and college admissions. In ~ the collegiate level, i evaluated hundreds of applications and also managed much more than 20 college student workers and 200 alumni interview volunteers. Ns recruited in, and also read applications for, multiple domestic and also international recruitment territories, including all of brand-new England and the Mid-Atlantic, Europe, and also the Americas. I additionally worked with and evaluated transfer applicants. Cursed to increasing college access and demystifying the college applications process, ns collaborated through colleagues across institutions to construct free, available programming for high school juniors wanting to jumpstart the application process and improve their essay skills.My passion has always aligned v working directly with high college students; I began my job in admissions in ~ a highly-selective all-girls’ boarding school. If there, i recruited student throughout brand-new England, the Mid-Atlantic, and California. I supervised multicultural and first-generation student recruitment, participated in both admission and also financial aid committees, and assisted in residence hall management.
The university of Maryland is just one of the five colleges and also universities that accepts just the Coalition Application. And also while they call for a college student to upload a response to one of the five Coalition applications essay prompts, UMD additionally ask student to answer to five additional, or “supplemental,” fill-in-the-blank inquiries as well.These additional questions read:To tell us much more about yourself, please finish the complying with sentences using just the space detailed (maximum 160 personalities each).

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If I might travel anywhere, I would go to...The most amazing fact I ever before learned from research study was...In enhancement to mine major, my scholastic interests include...My favorite thing about last Wednesday was...Something you might not know about me is...At very first glance, these concerns seem a little bit “all over the place.” however when approaching your supplemental essay writing, i encourage you to perform a little of sleuthing and vital thinking first. For example, go read the mission statement, also as about the application process of the institution in question. Numerous of these documents could look the same, but they will guide you come the vital factors and also values a college identifies as essential to them, thus allowing you to much better demonstrate your “fit.”From these two sources, the college of Maryland essay inquiries start to make a little more sense. I was specifically struck by these phrases:“Applicants…will enrich and benefit indigenous the campus finding out environment and also the entire student body.”“Our students are smart, involved, curious, and also innovative.”“While room important, we likewise want to know around your interests and also background and also what renders you unique.”“The university educates students and breakthroughs knowledge in locations of prominence to the State, the nation, and also the world.”In showing on each of this phrases, I see that Maryland is asking a student to reflect in their answers on the ways UMD’s very own values display up in your life. Are you curious? will certainly you add to/benefit indigenous campus life? execute you exhibition a life the the mind? space you committed to bettering the community (local, national, international) roughly you? What are your interests?My advice for tackling these inquiries is:Think strategically about how you have the right to reflect UMD’s very own values back to them in her answers.Don’t be too many strategic come the allude where your answers sound disingenuous or consisted of just for her application. UMD makes it really clear the their applications review procedure is holistic and also they are simply trying come learn much more about their applicants. Her answers should sound (reasonably) favor a 17-year-old.So possibly your favorite thing about last Wednesday was the image a girlfriend posted come Snapchat, yet perhaps focus instead top top the means that image sparked your curiosity and also led you to a news article about a present event or area the interest. You deserve to absolutely strike the balance in between honesty and also demonstrating the attributes that one admissions officer is searching for in a successful UMD applicant.

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