I know countless of you aren’t a pan of his acting, but stick through me. The entirety trumps the individual, to trust me!


Now for him ^ come change, we’ll need a third party come round the end this love triangle. Stage left start Fang Keke (KK), play by Wu Ying Jie (aka. The loveable, Gui Gui).

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For the ladies, we have CY’s cute mei mei, Shui Wushang (SW), play by Yuan Bingyan (Crystal).


Young Shangguan Xian play by Bai ice cream (Michelle Bai) – LH’s mother.


For the personalities that aren’t recurring, we have actually some recognisable faces.Li Xunhuan played by Yan Yikuan – LH’s head grandfather.


Shangguan Xian played by Bai Shan.



Jettison forward to Li Manqing ( Li Xunhuan’s son) and Shangguan Xian (Shangguan Jinhong’s daughter) who room destined come love, yet, must hate each other.

She go to meet him ‘one critical time’ just to it is in promised marriage.


In true, naive fashion, our main man to trust he deserve to simply decline the wishes of the princess. Small does he recognize that she’s a vindictive small witch that will certainly order this:


Of course, the following 10 mins room pretty predictable. Shangguan Xian is released as an impetus for Li Manqing to marry the Princess -> Princess marries Li Manqing (without him knowing that the love the his life is already pregnant through his child) -> Shangguan Xian is pregnant, then provides birth -> Shangguan Xian swears revenge versus those the wronged her while acquisition her child away in the darkness the the night.

Li Manqing really is a negative soul in every one of this…he doesn’t recognize that Shangguan Xian is pregnant until she has actually disappeared indigenous the city. Admittedly, I have to offer him kudos for sending out his most trusted help in trying come find and also protect mother and child.

Fast forward to current day and we obtain to accomplish an all grown increase Li Huai (LH), looking for his mother’s, Dragon & Phoenix Bracelets.

It’s the work of Feng Keke’s (KK) wedding (or at the very least her dad thinks and hopes it is). Ours loveable assistance character is attempting to run away before being captured by LH. He’s guessed the the she’s take away the arm bands in her bag of things due to the fact that he can’t discover them elsewhere.


LH return the Dragon & Phoenix arm bands to his mother, however not before being slapped for leading to such a commotion.


The assassins are sent out an exploding jar by Shangguan Xian through her newly re-discovered bracelets and the mommy & kid duo run into the night. LH attempts come escape with his mommy while greatly injured, and also the 2 are sought by the team of assassins.

All hope is, however, not lost.

Please send a round of applause to this lover lady~


Who us will gain introduced to following episode.

Episode 1 is relatively straight forward v no real breakthrough of character. The backstory is also reasonably skimpy and more focus is provided to Shangguan Xian’s battle than the story that the Li flying Daggers.

I have to say though, the special results given to these new daggers is spectacularly amazing. It’s not as well flashy that it errs top top the next of fantasy, but definitely much more ‘modern’ than can stay true come the period of the drama.

Costuming may also be a sticky allude for some viewers v Feng Keke always very brightly coloured. I’m much more partial come the muted tones and white the Li Huai and also Xue Cai Yue.

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I’ll try to keep all my recaps reasonably short, however as of now, ns can currently tell that from around E10 onwards, they’re going to get an extensive T_T.

If you have started watching this drama, what do you think of the so far?

Just a note:


(If girlfriend would choose to leave a comment, you re welcome be responsibility of thosethat may not have watched the proceeding episodes.)