NECA has actually been showing off brand-new horror playthings all month as part of their “31 Nights that Fright” celebration, and also tonight’s reveal is all about the video game The critical of Us component II.

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Joel and also Ellie will be released in an can be fried two-pack in Q1 2022!

“In The last of Us component II, experience the terrible physical and also emotional aftermath of Ellie’s vengeance as she embarks ~ above a relentless search of those who’ve wronged her.”

A series based on the video games, meanwhile, is right now in the works over in ~ HBO. Pedro Pascal is playing Joel, if Bella Ramsey has been actors as Ellie. An initial look here.





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Mezco’s recent ‘Alien’ action Figure bring the initial Xenomorph principle Suit to Life!


3 days ago


December 22, 2021


man Squires

As you may recall, NECA had several years earlier turned H.R. Giger‘s original translucent Xenomorph concept for Alien into an activity figure, and also now Mezco is doing the very same.

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The original prototype fit for the “Big Chap” alien was cast in a translucent flesh-tone yet repeated obstacles with the material required the readjust to the black color suit seen in the movie.

Mezco notes of their restricted edition figure based on that prototype suit, “This pale, translucent Xenomorph is a minimal edition and never come be created again by Mezco.”

“The One:12 cumulative Alien “Concept Edition” features a seamless body designed v an interior skeleton armature the creates the feel of the creature’s suit from the film’s developmental stages. The wild eponymous creature has actually a hinged jaw v interchangeable within mouths, and an interchangeable chest plate pierced by the ASSO-400 Harpoon Grappling Gun, as seen in the last scene the the movie. Every one of Alien’s accessories have actually taken on a semiopaque, milky look to compliment the initially designed suit and honor the conceptualization of what became one of the many iconic movie monsters ever before created.”