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The Expanse provided viewers a glimpse in ~ the purpose of the Ring in critical week’s episode, but “Dandelion Sky” quiet left me through a many questions. With the UNN cutting board Prince currently inside the Ring, all of the solar system’s assorted factions are accounted for. And, representing his own sense of Quixotic curiosity, James Holden is in deeper 보다 anyone.

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The Expanse Season 3, episode 10: “Dandelion Sky” – bad Pastor

As the UNN Thomas Prince enters the Ring we check out Pastor Anna Volovodov city hall the key view-screen intently. Lieutenant Nemeroff, part of the Thomas Prince’s crew, sidles up to Anna. He has fears and existential questions about entering the Ring. That asks the pastor even if it is God wants them to be there. Regrettably for Nemeroff, Anna is still being selfish appropriate now. She shrugs, says “scripture is quiet top top this one,” and walks 3 paces away from him. Oh!! Pastor-burn!

Later we watch Nemeroff in his quarters. The puts his total in his mouth and pulls the trigger. A zero-G effect shows his floating blood. This scene was needlessly graphic, specifically for an intelligent show like The Expanse, which usually tempers gore with purpose.

The Expanse Season 3, episode 10: “Dandelion Sky” – “Uh, guys?”

Naomi, trying to get ago to the Rocinante, hails and also hails she old ship yet gets no response. The officious MCRN answer to her hails, though, and also tell her the she should stop sticking her nose wherein it doesn’t belong. Together usual, Naomi doesn’t respond fine to orders or threats, so she keeps on heading toward the Rocinante.

The Expanse Season 3, episode 10: “Dandelion Sky” – “It’s the finish of the human being as we recognize it, so I killed caaaaats!”

Aboard Naomi’s old ship, we watch Amos and also Alex watching a infection from Holden that orders them not to monitor him. He tells his crew whereby he’s gone, speak he needs to go come the nucleus on his own, having actually blasted turn off in “Intransigence.”

Alex explains a serious existential dread, saying he fear that whatever the ring is will kill everyone. Gift of as tiny help together he usually is in emotional situations, Amos tells the starship pilot the he there is no felt fear since he was 5 years old.

Lack the empathy aside, he at least makes an effort at calm his shipmate down, though. Amos recalls a girlfriend of his in Baltimore who said that if the finish of the world came that she would certainly jump off the roof of her structure with she cats. Ns doubt the Alex was lot comforted by this anecdote, but at the very least Amos is trying…right?

The Expanse Season 3, illustration 10: “Dandelion Sky” – “I think it have to be a great big exposition thingamajigger…”

Just before Nemeroff decided to death himself, Volovodov and also the Thomas Prince’s scientific research officer, Kolvoord, spends part time theorizing v Anna about just what the hell is going on in the Ring. Offering small insight of his own, he conveniently asks Anna what she thinks is walking on.

Anna zooms in top top the interactive holo-display system — Kolvoord no even shot that? She says that the nucleus of the Ring is acting as a sort of immune system. Kolvoord, however, disagrees v the hypothesis that the Ring is acting choose an organism, so ns guess fine see.

“Melba,” whom we find out in this illustration is in reality Clarissa Mao, supplies her limited technical clearance to override Thomas Prince’s equipment to get all the information she can on Holden.

The Expanse Season 3, episode 10: “Dandelion Sky” – The Expanse: The movement Picture

In a series of scenes the reminded me a lot of Spock entering V’Ger native Star Trek: The motion Picture, Holden floats on towards the Ring’s centre. A estimate of fearbut accompanies him for the ride, and he and the deceased detective’s estimate wax philosophical.

It has actually been an excellent to have Thomas Jane back on the show, if only for a small while. Not only does Miller’s visibility tie this season in through the very first two, but Jane’s a an excellent actor come watch, and also when he’s onscreen his power brings increase Steven Strait’s.

Miller and also Holden’s conversations reveal that the cell core of the Ring contains information around an advanced culture that exist there long ago.

Miller defines humanity as a “fancy hand terminal with a sunshine buttons.” He states that the protomolecule is manipulating his brain, reflecting him Miller and also whatever rather he demands to get to the nucleus and accessibility the system. Holden argues that the believes in complimentary will, and Miller calls him the patron saint of lost causes.

The Expanse Season 3, illustration 10: “Dandelion Sky” – “Ugh, Martians…”

The MCRN has sent an intercept team, including the reinstated Sergeant Bobbie Draper, come intercept Holden before he enters the nucleus. The team has no luck connecting with him until Bobbie gives it a shot. Holden ultimately responds, however what he says doesn’t make a lot of sense. Shouting in ~ Miller’s projection while talking to Bobbie, Holden doesn’t current as particularly sane. Draper agrees that Holden has lost it, and they launch us after him.

The Expanse Season 3, episode 10: “Dandelion Sky” – “I didn’t say ‘mutiny,’ i said…uh…”

Things aren’t going well because that Captain Drummer plank the Behemoth. Her XO, Klaes Ashford, publicly questions her orders, causing Diogo come say Ashford must be captain. Ashford speak Diogo come forget the totality thing but, as Captain Drummer point out out when she and Ashford comment on it later, he may have told Diogo to stand under so that when things adjust he could deny gift mutinous, making the the obvious choice for captain.

Oh, beltalowda beratna, what felota have actually you got yourself into?

The Expanse Season 3, illustration 10: “Dandelion Sky” – “Don’t chomp your teeth at me, Clarissa!”

Trying to administer some actual spirituality guidance during her trip through the Ring, Anna delivers Lieutenant Nemeroff’s eulogy. She claims that she doesn’t recognize if God wants them to be there however says she knows the God desires them to it is in there because that each other.

After the service, Anna talks through Tilly Fagan who says she recognizes “Melba.” She tells Anna that “Melba” is actually Clarissa Mao, and also Anna still on her “help each various other out” kick says that Tilly reach out to her old acquaintance.

Tilly does simply that. Confound Clarissa’s undercover mission as a technique of avoiding the fallout after she father’s arrest and also imprisonment, Tilly needs to understand what is walking on. Regrettably for Tilly, Clarissa is will upon locating and also killing James Holden, and also doesn’t have time to chit-chat. Clarissa renders a acquainted chomping motion, and also whatever top she keeps utilizing kicks in, transforming her ultra-violent and also super-strong.

The Expanse Season 3, illustration 10: “Dandelion Sky” – “Angels, kids, uh…handholding, come on ns Miller end here!”

Having entered the nucleus, the “Investigator” shows Holden an accessibility terminal and also instructs him to put his hand inside. Holden demands some indication that the Investigator personality is, in some feeling at least, Miller.

It speak him a story about Julie who claimed that angels aid children who are dying through holding their hands and also leading them halfway to Heaven, and that that told Julie he’d require her to organize his hand a lot further than halfway.

This is enough to to convince Holden, who provides for the access terminal. Just prior to he has time to placed his hand in, though, Bobbie and also the Martians show up. Castle instruct him to obtain away however he doesn’t. Castle fire, however the bullets freeze in space. A weird amalgamation of forms starts an attack on the Martians, but Bobbie’s commanding officer throws a grenade in ~ it.

This slows everyone inside the Ring down, yet Holden manages to acquire his hand in the terminal.

The Expanse Season 3, episode 10: “Dandelion Sky” – The Expanse: A room Odyssey

This section reminded me that 2001: A room Odyssey. I give serious kudos to the visual impacts department for the artful and tripped-out sequence of images. Having never review the books, ns not completely sure what the sequence represented, but it appeared to show the old civilization at its end. Holden screams and also falls come the floor of the nucleus.

The Expanse Season 3, illustration 10: “Dandelion Sky” – last Thoughts

Their similarity to popular science-fiction movies of the ‘70s notwithstanding, ns really favored the visual impacts in this episode. Miller and Holden’s discussions about the nature of existence were great, and also it was good to lastly get a general indication as to what this story has been leading as much as for the past three seasons.

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Like I stated before, cutting board Jane is act a an excellent job as the reincarnated Detective Miller. His scenes with Steven Strait have actually been some of the finest we’ve yet viewed on The Expanse. I understand he’s unlikely to chop up again together a continuous character, but it’s good to have him here while he have the right to be.