In 1997, the planet Muunilinst do its debut in the novel Specter of the Past. The planet was presented to be the financial center of the royal Remnant fifteen year after Return the the Jedi. The world was likewise stated to have actually a long background stretching back to the Old Republic, yet not lot was said alongside that and also the planet wasn’t displayed to have a native varieties or a dominant commerce guild.

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The idea of one InterGalactic bank Clan was developed for Attack of the Clones to be stood for by san Hill at the conference of Dooku’s Separatists, despite their an initial appearance technically come in the novel Cloak the Deception a year prior to the movie because writer James Luceno was allowed to review the manuscript in advance.

To promote Attack the the Clones ahead of its release, a website called HoloNet News was developed that on regular basis uploaded in-universe news articles collection in the months prior to the occasions Attack that the Clones. The write-ups were written by Pablo Hidalgo and Paul Ens, and also they featured a big number of relationships to the broadened Universe both past and also present, like the revelation the the speeder Anakin stole ~ above Coruscant belonged come a personality from the standard Marvel comic. The very first source linking the banking Clan to Muunilinst come in a in march 2002 short article on the site and with so plenty of other works in the development pipeline i can’t to speak for certain that’s wherein it originated, however that’s my ideal guess. An RPG magazine became the very first source to explicitly identify mountain Hill’s varieties as “Muun” a few months later.

The following notable story to broaden on the bank Clan and Muunilinst was Genndy Tartakovsky’s 2D Clone Wars series, which had Muunilinst together a primary ar in late 2003. The world was one of several principles the series pulled indigenous the broadened Universe, and its design and also color system were intended to evoke a dollar bill.

Despite the 2D show portraying the bank Clan together if it exclusively backed the Separatists, San Hill’s original line in the Attack that the Clones script was “The Intergalactic banking Clan will assistance you wholeheartedly, but only in a non-exclusive arrangement,” implying the the bank Clan intends come play both political parties of the conflict. This variation of occasions is in heat with how they’re shown in The Clone Wars starting in season two. Interestingly, season one’s “Destroy Malevolence” does have actually a line implying the banking Clan is openly top top the side of the Separatists, which i assume to be written before the creative team and George fully fleshed the end their role.

Some increased Universe lore created that despite the major Banking Clan’s neutrality and also eventual nationalization by the Republic in the show, a splinter that the group based on Muunilinst (as checked out in the 2D show) continued totally backing the Separatists, and that this faction is who Ki-Adi-Mundi was fighting on Mygeeto. This idea lines up v the means Mygeeto was envisioned for Revenge of the Sith and serves to describe why san Hill ongoing to play a role on the Separatist Council, despite it hasn’t to be fleshed out too lot in current years.

A huge alteration The Clone Wars made was developing the headquarters that the bank Clan top top the world Scipio rather than ~ above Muunilinst. The name “Muun” is never mentioned for the bulk of the show either, though it was at some point used in the season 6 arc the heavily affiliated the banks. Ide art date to 2009 shows Scipio play a role in the unmade video clip game 1313 at one allude (thanks come Apsis because that digging this up), which makes me wonder about its origins considering how carefully that video game was bound in with George’s vision for the universe and live-action TV development.

The Fantasy trip Games sourcebook Endless Vigil in 2016 offered the explanation the while Muuns came from Scipio originally, lock later conquered Muunilinst and named it after themselves. This ended up being an ironic twist, considering out-of-universe the Muun varieties was named after the preexisting planet rather 보다 vice versa. Muunilinst has gone greatly unused in recent years, but it has acquired mentions in some books, consisting of Inferno Squad and Shadow Fall.

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I’ve constantly thought the history of Muunilinst to be a practiced footnote in Star Wars history, a minor human being from an increased Universe novel the eventually came to be the communication of a much bigger faction. It’s nice to watch the planet hasn’t been totally left behind, and I expect to see it went to again someday.