The mission of the art Museum of east Idaho is to enhance the region"s visual arts endure by exhibiting permanent and rotating arts exhibits, encouraging exhibitions of Idaho artists, creating a permanent collection of contemporary art, and also providing art educational avenues for the public and artists of all ages and abilities.

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Ms. Miyai Abe Griggs

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300 S capital Ave

Idaho Falls, id 83402

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300 S. Resources Ave.

Idaho Falls, identifier 83402

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Idaho drops ID 83402

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Art museum (A51)

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Arts Education/Schools (A25)


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TAM is house to five galleries i beg your pardon showcase 16 to 20 dynamic art exhibits annually. Our major exhibits approximately adjust every three come four months and have ranged from The Old master (on loan from BYU Idaho) with works by Gainsborough, Rembrandt, Romney, Courbet and also others to painting for Joy: new Japanese paints of 1990s, an around the world touring exhibit featuring contemporary Japanese artists. TAM make reservation the Corridor gallery to showcase work by emerging local artists and hosts a biennial juried exhibit dubbed Idaho Paints Idaho that is open up to all Idaho artists 18 years and older.

ARTworks educational outreach program takes arts processes right into elementary school classrooms in eastern Idaho to strengthen student"s understanding of and skills in the arts, brings students come the museum for guided exhibition tours with exhibit associated art lessons, and also provides educational methods for area educators. ARTworks implements the Idaho humanities Performance standards for proper grade levels to achieve these goals. Lessons are related to the current museum exhibit and administer hands-on expedition of 2- or 3- dimensional arts processes, art history, and art appreciation and technical instruction in ~ no cost to the schools. The ARTworks program culminates each spring with Young at Art, a two-week exhibit at TAM solely featuring children"s art.  In addition the regimen offers four free Family Days a year to encourage families to check out current exhibits and to get involved in connected art-making tasks that room easily accessible to all family members members.  Art classes/workshops are additionally offered in ~ TAM because that both adults and also children.

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