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Ciara - choose up the phone music-from-a.com

becoming ideal friends v the dial tone cuz u no pickin up the phoneI ... Thinkin exactly how u simply wont pick up the phonepick ... up the phonepick up the phonepick up the phone boypick up the phonepick up the phone

Falling In turning back - choose up the phone call music-from-a.com

your message**Beep*Pick up the phone!Answer your ... Somebody elseI"m gonna be upsetI important believeThat the factor I"m hereIs to tell ... Girlfriend the truthYour ending is here

Dragonette - pick up the phone music-from-a.com

just started having actually funI"m choose through and also I select you, ... I"m no surpri-i-i-i-isedPick up the phonePick up the phoneCongratulations I"m having

Evan and also Jaron - pick up the call music-from-a.com

to contact youin the middle of the nightbut my thoughts have ... And what"s right.Please pick up the phone.I have to talk ... Don"t also call?‘Cause they don"t have actually your number?Do

F.r. David - pick up the phone call music-from-a.com

To your answering machineThen friend jumped in a planeGirl, ... You know what i meanPick up the phone, five yeahPick up the phone, five pleaseI require your

The Notwist - choose up the call music-from-a.com

in a roomWithout a doorPick up the phoneAnd prize me ... It gradually growsRub turn off the rustPick up the phone ... Step outOf her pastPick up the phoneAnd price me

Beth O"reilly - choose up the phone call music-from-a.com

could promise you the world but i nothing think ... Lock i might show you the sights that the town i prospered up in but you’d it is in unimpressed ... Finest to try and woo you but there’s naught i can do to

Jason Derulo - pick up the pieces music-from-a.com

But you"re also stubborn to pick up the phoneSo round and also ... Happy yet I"m feeling so soThere"s something absent and i ... ItWe were made for each various other soMy shattered heart is

Tarrus Riley - choose up the pieces music-from-a.com

So now she keeps her guard upGot to play difficult yeahI ... She"s afraidShe says the last time she"s been there ... PiecesEvery time she opens upAll she gets ago is

Donots - pick up the piece music-from-a.com

in our sunday bestWhat the hell are we wait for?I ... Claimed what the hell room we waiting for?All ... Pull on up and nowhere come goNothing ... Or showWe´re every dressed up and also we ain´t obtained nowhere to

Eve 6 - pick up the pieces music-from-a.com

WhoooooaahYour mother saved she medalsShe put ... Plastic creatures from the ar zooShe thinks about ... No idea you’re rottenAll the colors have run off and you

Alice Cooper - pick up the skeletal music-from-a.com

but it don"t have a faceThese look choose the armsof my ... Dad so strongand the ring on this fingermeans my ... Grandmother"s goneHere"s part legs

The that - pick up the tranquility music-from-a.com

I"m in the etherLook under at timeI view ... ChildrenPrepare come walk the lineI view them older ... Is doneI was a loserAt the game they wonCome ~ above let

The Hollies - pick up the piece again music-from-a.com

I see the sunLeaving todayCool ... Her eyes, paradiseWhat perform they sayLeaving, lovingStay ... One much more dayAnd after every the tears have fallen my wayYou

Willie Nelson - choose up the tempo music-from-a.com

That I"m livin" also fast and also they say i can"t last too lot ... LongerBut tiny they watch that your thoughts the ... Me is mine saviourAnd small they recognize that the win oughta go

Cosmo Klein - choose up the piece music-from-a.com

Don"t girlfriend knowSaw the flames right in your eyes ... Burnin" soulAll her make up doesn"t hideThe are afraid inside ... Her fearsLost and caught up in yearsTwo words, collide

Alexz Johnson - pick up the piece music-from-a.com

and healed my ache You"ve picked up the pieces and also put me ... Back together again Ooo ya Careful, ... Eight I"m specific It"s all the love us make rush of love

Alan Parsons project - The three of me music-from-a.com

s a voice ~ above the phoneWho just referred to as in to say" ... Isn"t homeHe"ll be gone for the day""So he pulls down the ... He proud deniesI revolve the boat ago from the weir

Doves - The guy who told everything music-from-a.com

out that bed, pick up the phoneTime to tell the pressSay ... Ns can"t carry out no-one elseThere"s a whole world outside ... And singBlue skies aheadThe guy who said everything

Far East cite Mannequins - The actual thing music-from-a.com

too longI’m ‘bout to quit the download(What you preventing ... Me for, you holding the door)Initiate and also get the ... That time to breakdown the code(Information in sound,

10 year - The click five music-from-a.com

she´s doin´She driven me in the poolAt our last college ... Strange as it seemsShe´s the one I´m after ... Earlier for moreShe´s just the girl I´m lookin´ forShe

Vanessa Amorosi - The an easy things music-from-a.com

RolexAnd a Gucci dressGot the men all lined up wait ... For she to pull their stringAnd she said me every ... The money deserve to affordBut there"s still a voice inside that

Horse The band - The house of boo music-from-a.com

I fear my blankets may not it is in the bestDefenses the I can ... MusterStill the cold past is prefer lizard ... ClawsCrawling from the hereafterSilent things

Jooyoung - hang up the call (ft. Ra.d) music-from-a.com

jeonhwabuteo kkeunheoHang up the phone girlGeurigo nawa ... Hamkkehangin’ outHang up the phone girlGeuege bappeudago ... Nawa hamkkehangin’ outHang up the phone girlHang up the

Marillion - The answering machine music-from-a.com

and II looked under on the cityFrom up in the skyThe ... Sun was reflectingFrom the roofs and the waterSpring ... Had come earlyIn the parks and the old townI

Reba Mcentire - The love won"t lied (ft. Vince gill) music-from-a.com

back end the yearsOf all the points I"ve always meant come ... V empty fearsOf every the nights ns tried come pick up the ... To dayBut seeing you throughout the room tonightJust gives me

Galneryus - The wind blows music-from-a.com

it"s not from you however I"ll pick up the phoneI was parted ... I can never uncover you I uncover the memories of youThe storage ... That the days space fading awayThe wind blows against my love I

Ali - I have actually done everything to pick up the star music-from-a.com

oneul urin modeungeol kkeutnaesseo, useumyeonseo heeojyeosseomannandongan haengbokhaesseotdago, aksudo nanwosseojal garaneun neoui hanmadiga, nae gwitgae maemdoneund...

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Jj Demon - The phone track music-from-a.com

DemonCome ~ above pick up, which pick up.Come on pick up, come on pick up.Come on ... pick up, which pick up.Come on pick up, come on pick up.Answer your God cursed phonewhen I"m call you.What

Chamillionaire - The invoice collecta (feat. Krayzie bone) music-from-a.com

you"re in troubleHere come the invoice collectaNow-now you"re ... In troubleHere comes the invoice collecta ... As soon as I cave up mine phone ya already knowit"s about

The Cribs - you were always the one music-from-a.com

get the feeling they obtained you believingIt"s ... It"s all about escaping then you heard the there"s ... Always someoneForget the not correct oneDisregard your

Billy Currington - wake me increase music-from-a.com

don"t hesitateGo on and also pick up the phoneNo matter what ... IsYou ain"t gonna wake me upCall me up when you"re ... Friend ain"t gonna wake up me upCause I"m up and also I"m only

Lash - The chainsmokers- kanye ft. Siren (lash remix.. music-from-a.com

I to be goingI have actually never to be the oneTrying tough to host my ... Ns wantI wanna be like KanyeI"ll it is in the King of me ... Have actually it mine wayAll day, prefer Kanye-eah, yeah, yeahLike Kanye, Kanye, yeah-ah, yeah-ahLike Kanye

Harry Nilsson - Gotta obtain up music-from-a.com

get up, gotta acquire out, gotta get ... Home before the morning comes.What if I"m ... Day, gotta gain home prior to the sunlight comes upUp and away, ... Operation run yeahgotta gain home, pick up the phone, ns gotta allow the

Adam Sandler - Teenage love top top the phone call music-from-a.com

Hey Richie, my dad"s down the hall, and also he doesn"t want me ... ~ above the phone. For this reason if i hang up ~ above you, it"s just due to the fact that he ... Uh, carry out you wanna meet at the spring Fling run thi...

Mase - phone conversation (interlude) music-from-a.com

phone ringing>Dre get the phone! cool Dre I gained ... Hi Mase! Oh, whassup you miss out on me? Yeah ns ... Good for you. Whassup wit 7:00? 7:00 is

The Hellacopters - lug me house music-from-a.com

was paralyzedas i opened up mine bloodshot eyesdo i ... A rutkeep kicking myself in the nutsin a stairwell i seekthe lair wherein i grounding my dirty ... Mayover and over awayinto the fires unknowninto obliveon

Big Sean - The cypher - kanye west (g.o.o.d music) music-from-a.com

Cypher - Kanye West (G.O.O.D Music)Pusha ... - Cyhi Da Prynce - usual - Kanye West(Dj Premier

R.e.m. - The sidewinder sleeps tonite music-from-a.com

here is the location I will be staying.There isn"t a number. You can ... Call the pay phone.Let the ring a long, long, ... Long, long time.If i don"t pick up, hang up, speak to back, let

Underworld - man the waitress music-from-a.com

you feelShe said just pick up the phone (Confusion the ... AgainShe saidShe claimed the silenceIn the quiet I watch ... She stated oh no as soon as again the superstarShe said he loves

Kanye West - The morning music-from-a.com

love againIn my best, i be the operation againAnd I have actually the man ... I"m obtaining this nigga in the morningHe gon" think that ... Too lengthy whenHe watch me in the evening, wanna record all these feelingWell, let me it is in the first to gain mine
Bowling for Soup - under for the count music-from-a.com

correction, 126 pounds,It"s the girl that broke my heart! ... Again,She slammed under the phone and gave the finger to the ... Nightstand,That hold the snapshot in the heart-shaped

The Hives - 1000 answer music-from-a.com

got nothing come say ns on the phone for much too long acquired ... Knows you acquired bills come pay, Pick up the phone, the telephone, ... Right and also if you"re fed up through all the lies girlfriend get

Skepta - Corn on the curb music-from-a.com

Used come look front to the weekendNow every day"s prefer ... Through starsCome chill with the constellationThen she request ... My genuine name wasAnd eliminated the conversationSometimes I"ve

Marina and The Diamonds - i am no a robot music-from-a.com

You"ve to be hanging through the unloved kidsWho you never ... Yet you room so magnetic, girlfriend pick up all the pinsNever ... Come anythingYou don"t pick up the phone when it ring, ring,

Marina & The Diamonds - ns am not a robot music-from-a.com

You’ve to be hanging through the unloved kidsWho you never ever ... However you space so magneticYou pick up every the pinsNever ... To anythingYou nothing pick up the phone as soon as it ring,

The that - One in ~ a time music-from-a.com

Always ready to fight over the little thingsOne in ~ a time, ... SAlways all set to fight over the small things.She"s walk ... Crazy and also the table start shakin",She"s

Khalid - too gone (feat. Well-off the kid) music-from-a.com

gone and I"m the end of it (hold up, what)Way too gone, too ... (skrrt)Passed out, ns can"t pick up the phone (brrt)I don"t ... With three freaks and also they all tryna swallow (woo)

Bt The roots - good music music-from-a.com

to all the hip cats, all the nappy sweetsThis is the brother ?uestion, broadcast live ... Via satellite, from the never ever Never TunnelsNow dig. ... . the rituals for today, is good

Ida Lafontaine - shut up and also kiss me music-from-a.com

hear to your heart therefore pick up the phone when you see ... What you carry out that for? closeup of the door up and also kiss me! Don"t you know ... Is for? If you never ever know, then it"s gonna walk away closeup of the door up

Handguns - Wait increase music-from-a.com

and a half months top top the road, ns can"t avoid thinking ... Favor hell that you"ll wait up because that me to come back home.So ... Once I obtain home,you better pick up the phone due to the fact that I don"t

The Maine - birthday in los angeles music-from-a.com

L.A. pick up the phone I have to talk come you ... My new friends, and all the old ones as well Remember ... Was boring You dubbed me ~ above the phone, to arrange my

Bryanstars - shut up and kiss me music-from-a.com

She said, she saidShut up and kiss meI"m sitting right here ... Saturday nightI call you upAre you down for a an excellent time ... I hold my breathAs friend pick up the phoneShe stated yes

Middle class Rut - choose up her head music-from-a.com

don"t collection out, to please them,God ns don"t need them! ... Gotta through something, in the food,that they feed them.There"s a dead end,sign on her ... Come around here anymore.

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The alarm went off,so you acquire up acquire out the bed,you look at at

Mika - choose up off the floor music-from-a.com

her life was going come do,Then she goes, and also falls in love ... Can"t decide,If he"s made the right an option in life,So she ... Heart earlier in your pocket,Pick her love up off the floor

New youngsters On The Block - Wasted on girlfriend music-from-a.com

could leaving you ideal nowPick up the phone and also say we"re ... S a reality I need youYou"re the oxygen ns breatheYou"re ... MeI know I gotta give you upBut I just can"t let you go

The Rasmus - Carousel music-from-a.com

it up, it"s Friday night, time come ... Allright.To know what"s up ns gotta with n" pick up the phone.Yeah, the answer"s always ... Be better idea, 보다 to go to the club.Listen to me young you

Shura - make it increase music-from-a.com

girl on the last trainSmall adjust in the universe, and also sheSpeaks to ... Out loudNobody ever looks up in ~ herAnd she says" ... What you"re reasoning nowIs over there something that ns could"ve

Bro`sis - In the cradle music-from-a.com

What is the meaning?The an interpretation – that “hook up”? ... Room you together, lovin’ every other?We ... HahahahaAll:Cats in the cradle and a silver spoon.

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