What are the moms up to this week? Seems prefer everyone is going out of town...read on to find out more.

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Bri is heading to Puerto Rico and in one amazing display of co-parenting, Devoin is going to in addition to Nova and Stella. Bri is planning on offering Nova Devoin"s last name, especially due to the fact that Devoin has been making more of one effort.

Boy, walk Bri have actually low standards.

In Puerto Rico, mama Roxanne speak Nova around how she would certainly summer in Puerto Rico all of the time. Later, Bri provides Nova the option to readjust her last name to Devoin"s and also Nova looks noticeable unimpressed.

We then see her serve Devoin up some revenge as soon as she makes a statement around how that farted in the pool. Five boy.


We seriously think Babs plan out meeting Andrew therefore she could fly to new York and also MTV might foot the bill. Jenelle, top top the various other hand, wasn"t allowed outside her cage. In NY, Babs waits because that Andrew in ~ a cafe but it seems choose she"s going to it is in stood up. Babs offers Andrew an angry speak to when he doesn"t appear. He doesn"t answer but does speak to her ago and tells her that she doesn"t need to accomplish him to comment on Jace.


Teen mother 2, Season 9 illustration 8: also Jenelle"s Sinus pains Is Dramatic


Teen mom 2, Season 9 illustration 8: Jenelle and Her clinical Problems


Jenelle and David"s Shocking public Stunt

For part reason, Andrew calls native Florida and also says his father has cancer i beg your pardon is why he"s down there. Andrew puts his mom on the phone and talks come Babs choose she"s ~ above vacation. In ~ the end of the call call, Babs is no happier with Andrew.

Later, Babs discusses through Jenelle exactly how disappointed she is in Andrew, that agrees. You recognize you"ve hit absent bottom as soon as Jenelle is evaluate you.


Kail phone call a friend and mentions exactly how badly she and also Javi have actually been getting along. Meanwhile, Kail finds out that chris accidentally sent her a text he"d supposed to send come a various ex. Oooof. That had actually to it is in painful. Kail ponders whether she have to ask kris to concerned Lincoln"s date of birth party.

kris does finish in comes to the party whereby Kail gets really passive-aggressive through him. Kail tells Chris"s sister that she"s upset with Chris around potentially cheating ~ above her.

Later, kris tells Kail the he loves she via text. However, Kail seems upset around how chris can"t seem come committ to her.


Jeremy safety time with Addie and also speaks so incomprehensibly we can"t know a word the says. This guy really demands a class in enunciation.

We"re beginning to wonder if Jason was hired by MTV to day Leah due to the fact that all he appears to do on the show is egg her on when she"s complaining about Jeremy.


Chelsea is still advertise the "Cole is together an remarkable dad" schtick i m sorry is why she"s now obsessing exactly how Cole adopting Aubrey.

Cole walk to pick Aubrey up from she grandparents and has a run-in through Adam"s parents. Chelsea talks to her mom around how everyone desires Cole to take on Aubrey

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