Hook Hand Thug:I"m malicious, mean and also scary!My sneer could curdle dairyAnd violence-wise, mine hands are not the cleanest...But regardless of my angry lookAnd mine temperAnd mine hook!I"ve constantly yearned to be a concert pianist.

Can you watch me ~ above the stage performing Mozart?Tickling the ivories "till they gleamYes, I"d fairly be referred to as deadlyFor my killer show-tune medley!"Cause method down deep inside, I"ve acquired a dream!

Thugs:He"s got a dream!He"s gained a dream!

Hook Hand Thug:See, i ain"t as cruel an vicious together I seem!Though, I perform like breaking femursYou have the right to count me v the dreamersLike "vrybody else, I"ve got a dream!

Big sleep Thug:I"ve gained scars and also lumps and bruisesAnd something here that oozes?And let"s not even mention my complexion!But in spite of my extra toesAnd mine goiterAnd my noseI really desire to make a love connection

Can you view me with a special tiny lady?Rowing in a rowboat down a streamThough, I"m one disgusting blighterI"m a lover! no a fighter"Cause method down deep inside, I"ve got a dreamI"ve acquired a dream

Thugs:He"s gained a dream

Big sleep Thug:I"ve got a dream!

Thugs:He"s acquired a dream!

Big sleep Thug:And I understand one day romantic with reign supreme!Though my face leaves world screamingThere"s a kid behind it, dreamingLike everyone else, I"ve obtained a dream

Thugs:Toil would choose to quit and be a floristGunter does internal designUrf is right into mimeAttila"s cupcakes space sublime!Bruiser knitsKiller sewsVen does small puppet showsAnd Vladimir collects ceramic unicorns!

Hook Hand Thug:And what around you?

Flynn:I"m sorry - me?

Big sleep Thug:What"s her dream?

Flynn:Oh, no, no, i m really sorry boys. I don"t sing.

I"ve got dreams like youNo, really!Just much less touchy-feelyThey mainly happen somewhere warm and also sunnyOn an island that i ownTan and also rested and also alone!Surrounded by substantial piles of money!

Rapunzel:I"ve got a dream!

Thugs:She"s acquired a dream!

Rapunzel:I"ve obtained a dream!

Thugs:She"s acquired a dream!

Rapunzel:I simply want to check out the floating lanterns gleam!

And with every passing hourI"m therefore glad i left mine tower!Like all you beloved folks, I"ve acquired a dream

Thugs:She"s got a dreamShe"s obtained a dreamThey acquired a dreamWe"ve gained a dreamSo, our differences ain"t really that extremeWe"re one huge team!

Call us brutalSick, sadisticAnd grotesquely optimistic!I"ve got a dreamI"ve got a dreamI"ve gained a dream!I"ve got a dreamI"ve gained a dream!I"ve gained a dreamYes, way down deep inside, I"ve acquired a dream!