After the appearance of Tarqaron the sea level that Terca Lumireis will certainly lower, revealing new locations. In the northwest edge of the human being Map a new island, dubbed Nam Cobanda Isle can be found.

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Upon her initial visit, you"ll have to purchase tickets because that 10 Gald every person, however luckily it"s a one-time thing and you can freely accessibility the area later without buying an ext tickets.


Near the entrance, enter the Gymnasium to create a scene through Kaufman and also then exit and also re-enter the Gymnasium to trigger another scene. Kaufman wants Judith to get rid of a bothersome customer that she doubt is cheating through beating him in ~ his own game in Poker.


Regardless of whether you win or lose, the customer will leave and you"ll earn Judith"s "Legendary Gambler" title and also trigger the Skit: Casino Crasher. ~ above the other hand, if girlfriend win, you"ll also obtain 20,000 Gald as a reward.

Boss Arena

Missed your possibility to complete a an enig Mission or forgot to usage a Magic Lens ~ above a boss, no problem!

In the northeast corner of the plaza, close to the northern exit, speak with the Kowz to access your "darkest memories" and difficulty previous bosses in ~ the expense of 300 chips. Keep in mind that girlfriend won"t earn any battle rewards, yet you can complete an enig Missions or include their data come the Monster Book.


The main structure in Nam Cobanda Isle is devoted to gambling and playing games.

After meeting Kaufman in ~ the entrance because that a brief introduction, speak v the Kowz in ~ the Chips respond to to acquire 5 Chips for free. Any type of future chips you"ll must purchase v Gald, Grade, or earn.

Playing Poker

The Kowz come the southern of the Chips respond to will introduce you come Poker.

The ultimate score of Poker is to make at least one pair that cards (2 that the very same card) by hold on to cards and/or swapping cards in her hand. Unlike real Poker, wherein you"re playing against other players, this game is purely against the "house" and the far better your hand, the far better the reward.


Hold any pairs or JokersIf you have 3 or 4 cards of the exact same suit and also no pairs, hold them for a potential Flush

If you regulate to make 2 pairs (2 bag of different cards) or better, you"ll be provided the alternative to twin your gambling by play High and also Low. Keep in mind that girlfriend can proceed to dual your bet until you pick to prevent or fail to appropriately guess High or Low, shedding all your chips earned hence far.


Ties count as a correct guess2 is the lowest card and Joker is the highest possible card, ~ AThere room 14 cards - 2 v Joker - therefore 7 is the mean (50 /50 odds of higher or lower)

The Imperial scholastic Conference collaborative Research company Test

The Kowz come the west the the Poker table is a renowned researcher who offers exams because that the Miska Doctoral Degree. If girlfriend speak v him, he"ll hand over an test Application, however in stimulate to in reality take the exam, you"ll require to discover 5 publications scattered about the world:

"Against the backdrop of new Hope" - ~ above a table inside Aurnion"s HQ in Aurnion"The Legend the Sleeps in Searing Sands" - Bookshelf in the Inn in Mantaic"Urban Planning because that Bustling Cities" - Bookshelf in the Chevaliers HQ in Heliord"Reflections ~ above the scent of the Sea" - Bookshelf in the Fortune"s industry HQ in Capua Nor"The village Carpeted with Flowers" - cabinet to the left of the central table

Once you"ve acquired all 5 books, return to Miska to take it the certification exam:

Answer 1: September 30, 1998Answer 2: Raine SageAnswer 3: BubblesAnswer 4: Presea CombatirAnswer 5: Ishtar turns to stone

If you happen the test, you"ll earn Rita"s "Miska Doctoral Degree" title and trigger the Skit: learn Well.

Movie Player & Skit Player

The Kowz and Ant Lion come the west that Miska, permit you come replay any animated cutscene or skit in the game. Additionally, as soon as you"ve beaten the game and returned in new Game + you deserve to purchase any type of missed skits in exchange because that 1000 Grade.

The Stage

If girlfriend visit after ~ the illustration of Tarqaron, the stage area is completely empty.

After Flynn rejoins in Aurnion, speak v the man near the stage to acquire Estelle"s "Shield that Valor" and also "Hero"s Sword", and the "Improvisionist", "Heroic Actress", "Brilliant support Role", and also "Spotlight Hog" titles, and then clock the Skit: top top Stage.

Sound Test

Similar come the Movie and Skit NPCs, the Kowz near the northern departure will permit you to hear to any type of music you"ve heard throughout her journey.

Tales that Draspi

The Kowz top top the west side of the chip machines, ~ above the north next of the room, allows you beat the old-school side-scrolling video game "Tales that Draspi", and triggers the Skit: native Mind come Game. Although there is no prize for play the video game itself, if friend play the video game 30 times, you"ll get Raven"s "Hardcore Gamer" title.

You only need to pay chips to acquire to the menu, not actually play the mini-game 30 times.

Capsule Machines

If friend speak with the Ant Lion to the west that the Chips Counter, he"ll introduce you come the capsule machines. These makers each price a certain amount and offer a arbitrarily reward indigenous a swimming pool of items.

In general, these space not precious playing uneven you"re do the efforts to acquire the luxury Toys Series, however, the 500 chip maker does have actually a opportunity to grant 150,000 Gald.

Premiums Counter

Once you"ve earn a bunch the chips, check the Premiums counter to exchange them for items:

Barrier300 Chips
Miracel Gel800 Chips
Specific3,000 Chips
Treat3,000 Chips
Limit Bottle5,000 Chips
Special Gel10,000 Chips
Calabash Potion10,000 Chips
Cherry blossom Bough20,000 Chips
Straw Hat30,000 Chips
Party Hat40,000 Chips
Holy Avenger +150,000 Chips
Chef"s Hat60,000 Chips
Cherry blossom Barrette60,000 Chips
Harold"s Mask70,000 Chips
Mask80,000 Chips
Miracle Bangle100,000 Chips
Risky Ring150,000 Chips
Final Symbol250,000 Chips
Dog Ears300,000 Chips

An easy means to make money in tales of Vesperia is to play Poker to success a ton the chips, which have the right to be traded for Barriers, Gels, Specifics, Treats, and Limit Bottles, and then market them in Yumanju because that a little over 100,000 Gald every trip.

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If you invest 250,000 Chips, you"ll get Judith"s "Poker challenge title.