Weight, and how it relates to our body kind and our appearance is definitely a hot topic these days. After ~ all, there is press out there for civilization to always look your best and also be at your physical peak and well, civilization are starting to hit back against this and also promote the notion that civilization should it is in happy just as castle are and make renovations for themselves and also not to you re welcome the masses.While the is a great message, and also one the rings true, there are folks yet who continue to succumb to the need to look as great as possible to conform come a physical standard and also while this is indeed a topic the is on our minds and also all over the media, the reality of the issue is...this is a societal struggle that"s to be going on for ages, it"s just an ext public than it has ever before been before, and also for a fine example of exactly how this is something our culture has battled for far too long, watch no further than theTales native the Darksideepisode "Love Hungry" since this story bothered to deal with it in the darkest in fashion.Betsy Cowland enjoys a quiet life. She functions as a telemarketer come earn her income, takes treatment of her plants and also eats every little thing she likes. Yet despite the truth she watch like any kind of average woman, Betsy isn"t happy through her look and also keeps she eye the end for the next great diet fad. One day, ~ above noticing a vague advertisement for weight loss, she obtain the phone speak to of a lifetime; the company she simply read around is sending her their fancy brand-new diet program. Yet there is tiny time come question just how this company even knew come send her your products, due to the fact that an old flame from High School has actually come calling together well, and also in bespeak to appropriately impress him, she"ll do everything it takes to lose the pounds, but this new weight loss regime will come at quite the cost, because the tools the an enig company has actually sent her...allows for her food to take it on a life of its own...It"s been noticeable up come this suggest thatTales from the Darksidehas to be trying to placed together an illustration that is the perfect mix of black comedy and also horror and the results have been mixed or ugly come the say least until this episode came along. We get our horror and secret by way of the agency that sends Betsy her weight loss devices since hey, she"s right. How the hell walk they find that she to be someone who wanted to lose a few pounds prior to she even dubbed or contacted them? Plus, the closing moments of the episode get plenty dark but all of that is well balanced out so unique by one thing...the talking food. Sure it"s puppets, sure they"re silly...but somehow they work in the comedic relief brilliantly.But what really gives this episode the power it demands to it is in worthwhile, is Betsy"s plight. She is a dynamic character and written therefore well and also portrayed for this reason well that we recognize she"s a tortured soul in a issue of minutes. It"s clean she"s anxious, sad and also dreams of a far better life and also because the that...we feeling for her and I know I was cringing the immediate she put on those devices since it"s apparent no great would come of it and also the fact that Elmo is already interested in her just the way she is...well it renders this story one hell of a tragedy that a woman who succumbs come the press of feather good, when someone already found her beautiful. Truly a excellent episode, and one that ns feel the must watch again to check out what various other subtle nuances I could be missing. Until next time.

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